RecoverPoint: ERROR: Cluster xxxxx is a candidate to change its security level


   Article Number:     501450                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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System Poblems:   
    ERROR: Cluster vRPA1 is a candidate to change its security level. If this message appears for a long time, the security level change process may have failed because of a configuration error, a network problem, or because the cluster does not recognize a security certificate of another cluster. Verify the cluster configuration, network connections, and that the clusters recognize the security certificates of other clusters.   
    Clusters problems:   

  vRPA2:    RPAs:      WARNING: States of all RPAs are unknown      WARNING: LAN connection between all RPAs is unknown      WARNING: Fiber connection between all RPAs is unknown    Volumes:      WARNING: States of all devices are unknown    Splitters:      WARNING: States of all splitters are unknown  vRPA1:    RPAs: OK    Volumes: OK    Splitters: OKWANs problems:  [vRPA1 - vRPA2]:    Items: WARNING: No remote communication between clusters in the system    






The system is trying to set the security level, and one or more RPAs fail.   
    Due to different security levels clusters fails to communicate.







               Run the following script on all RPAs to see if any of them has a different security level:                          
Boxmgmt -> [2] Setup -> [8] Advanced options -> [4] Run script            
                 The output is:             
                 Note regarding results:             
                 0 = SECURITY_LEVEL_NON_SECURE             
                 1 = SECURITY_LEVEL_AUTHENTICATE             
                 2 = SECURITY_LEVEL_ENCRYPT             
                 100/101/102 = Temporary state - Change is being attempted           
    Reboot the RPA that is different than the others, or has a temporary state (anything other than 0/1/2 )   
    Boxmgmt -> [5] Shutdown / Reboot operations -> [1] Reboot RPA