How can I confirm Dynamic Cache Partitioning (DCP) is enabled?







How to determine if DCP is enabled on the Symmetrix.




Have EMC field service execute the appropriate Inline command. At the bottom of the display it will tell you whether DCP is enabled.


You can also use the following SYMCLI command: symcfg list -sid <symID> -v


An example of the information provided by this command is in the Solutions Enabler Symmetrix Array Management CLI Product Guide 7.1, P/N 300-002-939. As shown in the example (beginning on page 42 of the manual), there is a line titled "Cache Partitioning = Enabled or Disabled."

You can download this manual from Powerlink using the following navigation: Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Software ~ S ~ Documentation > Solutions Enabler > v7.1.x.