Isilon OneFS 8.x, 7.2.1: "A firmware update has not been completely applied" event received, even when firmware version on component is correct


   Article Number:     498417                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 









After successfully updating nodes' firmware with Node Firmware Packages   
    Firmware version reported in the firmware status is up to date with applicable Firmware Package   
    The following event is still generated "A firmware update has not been completely applied"






The event is caused by the script unable to match the firmware of power supplies of one or more nodes and / or BMC.   






Nodes' firmware updated with a Node Firmware Package                                                           






    1. Open an SSH connection to any node and log on using the "root" account   
    2. Verify the firmware status:   
              OneFS 8.x   
              # isi upgrade cluster firmware devices   
              OneFS 7.2.1.   
              # isi firmware status   
    3. If the firmware version is up to date with a Node Firmware Package. Verify if the Node Firmware Package is still installed:   
              OneFS 8.x   
              # isi upgrade patches ls   
              OneFS 7.2.1.   
              # isi pkg info   
    4. Perform a firmware check (note: this command runs locally on the node you are logged in to):   
              # /usr/libexec/isilon/isi_firmware_check –check   
             The similar output could be expected:   
              # /usr/libexec/isilon/isi_firmware_check --check   
              Reading and recording my firmware versions   
              Checking device firmware against installed update package   
              I don't know any valid firmware versions for the the following:   
              The following versions for CFFPS1_Blastoff do not match the installed   
              firmware package:   
              The following versions for CFFPS2_Blastoff do not match the installed   
              firmware package:   
    5. Uninstall applicable Node Firmware Package.   
    Please note: uninstalling the firmware package does not remove the firmware from the associated hardware or does not have any impact:   
              OneFS 8.0.0.   
              # isi upgrade patches uninstall IsiFw_Package_v9.3.4   
             OneFS 7.2.1.   
             # isi pkg delete IsiFw_Package_v9.3.4