ViPR SRM 4.1: Load Balancer Connector on Collector host is unable to write to ABE:2100


   Article Number:     504594                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR SRM 4.1





Load Balancer on the collector host is showing the message Cannot write to <fqdn of ABE>:2100.   
    Telnet from collector to ABE shows connection refused on this port   
    Telnet from collector to other ports, 2200, 2300, 2400 will connect   
    On the ABE ran ./ TCP 2100 but it is showing the port as already open   
    From the ABE ran a netstat -aon | grep 2100 but the port does not show as listening   
    Stopped and started the apg1 service but this did not help   
    Reviewed the cache-0-0.log - \opt\APG\Backends\APG-Backend\apg1\logs and can see that the telnet control interface is set on the wrong port.  This should be port 2101.   
    Binding telnet control interface server on 2001...   
    Starting telnet control interface server on 2001...






Telnet control interface port was configured incorrectly.                                                           






Change the port from 2001 to 2101   






Perform the below steps:   

  1.         Go into the Centralized management>Solution Packs>Other Components and edit the apg1 for the backend-tools     
  3.         Click on the control interfaces dropdown and select “Add a new Control Interfaces”     
  5.         Make sure the socket collector port is set to 2100     
  7.         Make sure the telnet control interface port is set to 2101     
  9.         Hit the reconfigure button.     
  11.         Go to Physical Overview and click on the ABE     
  13.         Click on the apg1 instance to open a new tab     
  15.         Expand the config files and open the telnetinterface.xml file     
    It should look like the following – if it is set to 2001 then change it to 2101 and save the file. Then stop and start the service.   
    Once the service is back up and running, open the log and verify the following:   
    Binding telnet control interface server on 2101...   
    Starting telnet control interface server on 2101...   
    Try once again the netstat –aon | grep 2100 on the ABE to see if it is listening