ScaleIO Product Family: How to reset ScaleIO cluster passwords


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ScaleIO Product Family





    1) How to reset Master MDM admin password:   
    1- Create a file named MDM_SERVICE_MODE on the MDM in the location below:    
    2-Edit the file and add text Reset Admin   
    3- scli --reset_admin     
    4- After the password is reset, the new password is "admin".   
    Then use --set_password [--old_password <OLD_PASSWORD>] [--new_password <NEW_PASSWORD>] to change it to the preferred password   
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    2) How to reset LIA password:   
    Refer to kb:    
    3) How to reset Gateway password:   
    1- run command /opt/emc/scaleio/gateway/bin/ --reset_password --password <new_scaleiogateway_password> --config_file /opt/emc/scaleio/gateway/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/   
    Note: don't put ! in the password   
    2- From Vcnter Web client:    
    - Open ScaleIO Gateway then wait for it finish Navigating    
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    - Then open Update System credentials to update System credentials if Master MDM admin password has been reset    
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    - Register/Update ScaleIO Gateway    
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    Note: OS User name and OS password are GW machine credentials    
    4- To verify new passwords, open ScaleIO Gateway from Vcenter Web client then access the Installation Manager/GW portal with the new credentials    
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