NVP-vProxy: VM backups are failing - NSR VMware proxy is not available for datastore using transport mode 'Hotadd' in vCenter


   Article Number:     521930                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




NetWorker,NetWorker 9.1,NetWorker 9.1.1,NetWorker 9.2,NetWorker 9.2.1





The NetWorker VMware Protection (NVP) integration is configured with the vProxy appliance. The vProxy backups fail with errors stating that the vProxy is not available for the datastore using the hotadd transport.  The backup action log and NetWorker Management Console show:   

      NSR VMware proxy is not available for datastores (Datastore name) using transport mode 'Hotadd' in vCenter 'vCenter FQDN'     






The error message indicates that a registered and online vProxy on the NetWorker server does not have access to the referenced datastore.                                                           






Ensure that the following vProxy pre-requisites have been met for the environment.   
    1) Validate the vProxy is able to access the ESXi host, over ports 443 and 902, where the virtual machine resides.  These ports are required for backup and recovery operations.   

  •         From a vProxy ssh session, use the curl command to validate access: curl -v https://[ESXi_FQDN]:[PORT]     
    2) Validate the vProxy is properly registered with the NetWorker server.     
  •         Navigate to the vProxy configuration by going to the "Devices" tab in the NMC and select on the VMware vProxies section in the left-hand side menu.      
  •         In the right-hand details pane right-click to access the "Properties".      
  •         In the NSR VMware Proxy Properties window "Configuration" tab, the VM proxy certificate field should be populated.      
  •         If the certificate is not populated, follow Dell EMC Knowledge base article 492992 to re-register the vProxy.     
    Once the pre-requisites are properly met for the environment, the follow options should help access the virtual machine datastore for the backup workflow.   
  •         Deploy an additional vProxy to a cluster that has ESXi hosts with access to the referenced datastore.      
  •         Perform a Storage vMotion of the affected virtual machine to a datastore that is accessible by the ESXi host hosting the vProxy.     
  •         Update the SAN zoning to ensure the vProxy ESXi host has access to the datastore.     
  •         Create a workflow and configure the backup action to use only one vProxy.  Ensure the vProxy has the has the hotadd transport sessions disabled and the NBD transport sessions enabled.  If NBD transport is being used as the main backup transport mode, a 10G network is recommended. Performing many backups with NBD mode can cause congestion on the ESXi host management network. Plan your backup network carefully for large scale NBD installs.     






For more information on vProxy connectivity, hotadd and NBD transport modes, please refer to the NetWorker VMware Integration Guide for your version of NetWorker.   
    NetWorker 9.2.x VMware Integration Guide:   
    NetWorker 9.1.x VMware Integration Guide: