Help Drive New Conversations by Bringing Awareness to Workforce Transformation

Workforce Transformation—the way we work is changing.

Work is no longer a destination, it’s an activity.

  • 60%
  • 2/3rds

Workers want the choice to stay connected and be productive where, when and however they need.

They also have a stronger point of view on technology.  Today’s workforce has gotten used to having the latest technology in their personal lives, and want the same at work.  Technology has become a job perk and differentiator. 

  • 42%
  • 82%

One size no longer fits all. Instead, workers expect technology to fit the way they want and need to work – solutions to help them be more productive and creative, and to better share and collaborate.


Dell Workforce Solutions empower workers with flexible, award-winning devices that maximize productivity, because the right technology in the right people’s hands allows them to work without limits.

What’s the benefit to your business?

  • Move beyond ‘product’ messaging to engage the C-Suite and functional buyers in enabling their workforce.
  • Get your customers to see you as a trusted advisor by highlighting workforce trends and helping them to be successful.
  • Gain more margin from client sales by engaging customers in the full needs of their workforce with accessories and services.


Communicate Workforce Solutions

We’ve created a set of marketing assets, including social, banners and videos that will help you raise awareness with your customers. Once you’ve launched your awareness campaign, you can then use Workforce Transformation Product Persona assets to highlight the specific solutions that enable productivity. Plus, with accessories and services you’ll be providing your customers with complete solutions for different working styles, while also achieving higher order values and margins.

All the assets are available now for download on the Digital Marketing Platform on Workforce Enablement Campaign page, so that you can deploy social directly to your customers from the tool, or use the content within your own marketing campaigns.

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*Source: From Dell/Intel Future Workforce Study