VxRail & VxRack SDDC: Accelerating IT Transformation, from the Edge to the Core to the Cloud

On August 27 at VMworld Las Vegas, Dell EMC and VMware announced how the two companies are leveraging their strengths to accelerate IT transformation, software defined data center (SDDC) adoption, and illuminating the path to a multi-cloud operating model, together.

Dell EMC and VMware have worked hand-in-hand to jointly engineer industry-leading cloud platforms for  traditional or cloud native applications. VxRail and VxRack SDDC are fully engineered systems that are the infrastructure foundation for IaaS and PaaS solutions to run applications on-premises or off-premises; tailored to meet your customer’s requirements wherever they are on their cloud adoption cycle.

And we’re doing it faster. We are committed to a synchronous release schedule with VMware, therefore for the first time ever, Dell EMC will release major VxRail updates within 30 days of VMware releases. Dell EMC is ensuring customers get the latest VMware updates and fixes as quickly as possible to help them continuously innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

But that’s not all. Check out the many other ways Dell EMC and VMware plan to leverage their strengths for the benefit of the HCI market.

Dell EMC and VMware give unmatched flexibility at the Edge

  • The 2U/4Node VxRail G560 aligns the full VxRail family with the latest generation PowerEdge portfolio. The G560 delivers greater density and outperforms the previous VxRail G Series with: 1.75x more and faster cores, 100% increase in processing power; 4x more memory, and 3x capacity increase improvement in the boot device.


Dell EMC and VMware help automate the Core

  • VMware Validated Design for SDDC on VxRail supports distributed multi-availability zone architecture with multi-cluster workload domains, network flexibility, and multi-region deployments. Maintained by Dell EMC as part of VMware’s Certified Partner Architecture program, the VVD for SDDC on VxRail is refreshed with every VVD update from VMware.
  • The Dell EMC Networking Fabric Design Center, which now includes VxRail, offers wizard-based network design capabilities. Resulting in a
  • Dell EMC VxRack SDDC is now built with Dell EMC VxRail E, P,Snodes. VxRail nodes are.
  • Dell EMC VxRack SDDC now supports full Configuration-to-Order (CTO) node options equating to thousands of possible configurations, ensuring alignment with the majority of customer use cases.


Dell EMC and VMware illuminate the path to a multi cloud operating model

  • Dell EMC VxRack SDDC with VCF is the ultimate infrastructure platform for a VMware multi-cloud environment, delivering 15x faster cloud deployment, 4x faster delivery of workload provisioning, and 20x quicker application provisioning.
  • Dell EMC VxRail seamlessly consumes VMware Cloud Services bringing customers a SaaS model to consume VMware products and services through the on-premises VxRail appliance. Dell EMC is currently the only infrastructure company to bring this level of integration with VMware.
  • Engineered in unison with VMware, VxRack SDDC is the most advanced VMware Cloud Foundation engineered system, automating deployment of a standardized, scalable VMware Validated Design of entire software defined stack.

Better together: The investment between both Dell EMC and VMware leads to the most seamless integration and HCI experience for customers. The integration of Dell EMC hardware infrastructure, including 14th generation PowerEdge servers and networking, automation, and serviceability extensions, and VMware vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation allows customers to be up and running quickly, and with full lifecycle assurance for business critical solutions.



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