ESA pak installation fails on Vrealize Remote Collectors


   Article Number:     478864                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Storage Analytics,Storage Analytics 3.0,Storage Analytics 3.1,Storage Analytics 3.2,Storage Analytics 3.3,Storage Analytics 3.4,Storage Analytics 3.5





When installing the EMC Storage Analytics pak file into VMware vRealize, the installation fails for all Remote Collectors. The pak file does successfully install on the Vrealize Master and Data nodes.                                                           






VMware vRealize Remote Collectors do not require the ESA adapter pak.                                                           






This is a known issue, that does not require any additional action. ESA Engineering has confirmed that this issue is expected behavior with vRealize Remote Collectors. The vRealize application will push the ESA pak jar files to the Remote Collector(s).