VSPEX BLUE ; Node takes a very long time to get in the maintenance mode


   Article Number:     480784                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VSPEX BLUE Appliance Hardware











There is no best way to pause or stop the process, just wait until it enters into maintenance mode completely. And then you can go ahead to shut down the whole appliance.   
    The box will boot up without errors






Please note the following;    

  1.         A node can take a long time to get in to maintenance mode because it needs to satisfy the FTT policy where at least 2 copies exist for VM objects on the vSAN datastore.     
  3.         A VM that is on the node cannot be migrated to another node to allow the maintenance mode to complete, the best way to check on it is to click on the link “More Tasks” to view what task is running / pending on vCenter