ESA - Avamar adapter instance fails to display data.


   Article Number:     483741                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Storage Analytics,Storage Analytics 4.0





When monitoring some Avamar environments, ESA fails to collect and display data in vR Ops.  The Avamar adapter instance does not contain any resources or metrics.  The Avamar dashboards do not display expected Avamar environment data.                                                           






ESA collects configuration and metric data from Avamar systems on an interval, including information about Avamar tasks.  In some environments, some Avamar tasks might not contain data that ESA is requesting, at which point an error occurs in the ESA collect.  This error was not handled properly in ESA 4.0.1, causing the entire data collect to fail.                                                           






Add proper error handling to ESA Avamar collect processing when tasks do not contain data that ESA is requesting.  This change was verified and released in ESA 4.0.2.                                                           






Upgrade to ESA 4.0.2, which has replaced ESA 4.0.1 on the ESA support page.