Storage Analytics (ESA): How to change time intervals in capacity graphs


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How to change time intervals in ESA capacity graphs:   
    It depends on the graph in question because there are 2 sources of capacity metrics, each with separate interval settings:   

  •         one set of them is supplied by ESA,      
  •         the other set is supplied by VMware     
    For example, as of the time of writing this article, "Total Capcity (GB)" is a metric pushed by VMware and the corresponding metrics for pool pushed by ESA is "User Capacity (GB)".   
    Also, as of the time of writing this article, there is no way to distinguish between the 2 metric sets.  Therefore, ESA engineering are currently working on this issue in future releases of the product.  They will modify the names to help users distinguish the EMC metrics from VMware generated metrics by adding the "EMC" prefix in the name.   
    For the EMC metrics, the collection interval can be configured in vROps by:   
  •         going to "administration" >> "inventory explorer"     
  •         selecting the adapter instance and clicking the "edit" icon     
  •         expanding the “advanced” panel - here there will be the collection interval option (default 5 minutes)     
    However, for the VMware calculated metrics, this collection/calculation interval is not configurable from vROps GUI. There exists methods for setting this which are beyond this scope of this article and the reader should consult VMware expertise if interested.