ViPR SRM: Upgrade files are taking a long time to load


   Article Number:     489632                                   Article Version: 7     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR SRM 3.7,ViPR SRM 3.7 SP1,ViPR SRM 3.7 SP2,ViPR SRM 4.0.3,ViPR SRM,ViPR SRM 4.0.1,ViPR SRM 4.0.2,ViPR SRM 4.1






  •         During an upgrade executed through the user interface, the following warning is displayed despite the overall update succeeding:     
 vApp update FAILED with 1    
  •         This same warning can be found in /opt/APG/Tools/Update-Manager/<core version>/logs/core-update.log file. If this message is displayed, one or more operating system components were not updated during the update.     
  •         Prior to the upgrade step, when running CONFIGURATION > SYSTEM UPGRADE from the Centralized Management interface (if an upgrade package is currently being downloaded via Online Update, wait until the download is finished before proceeding to the next step) the following error may be displayed:      
      The current version cannot be determined.   
  •         This issue is only observed in vApp installations. It may manifest in any vApp installation currently running 3.7 or higher that has been updated at least once.      
  •         New installations of ViPR SRM 4.0.1 and above are not impacted.      








A permission issue may prevent the application from being able to update some Operating System components when updating through the user interface.                                                           






To address this issue:   

  1.         Download the attached script from this article (vApp update     
  3.         Run the script on all hosts in the ViPR SRM vApp. The script will detect if the problem exists and correct it; all subsequent upgrades will correctly update operating system components.      
  5.         If required, the script will also apply the last operating system update that was previously downloaded.      
  7.         After the script is run on all of the ViPR SRM vApp hosts, reboot the vApp.      
    Please review the patch instructions for further details.                                                            






Note that it is possible that this problem has occurred and the user is not aware of it, as overall functionality is not impacted. As a result, Dell EMC strongly recommends to all users with vApp deployments to follow the provided instructions prior to the next planned upgrade.