ViPR Controller: Operation denied by Clariion array - you are not privileged to perform the requested operation[1]


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The user is unable to complete an Order with the following error:   

      Error 12000: An error occurred while executing the job       
        The job has failed: string ErrorDescription = "C:ERROR_CLASS_SOFTWARE F:ERROR_FAMILY_FAILED R:1000001 The requested feature is not presently available : 2 : 4651 : \"Operation denied by Clariion array - you are not privileged to perform the requested operation\"";; Rollback error: Volume does not exist or is already deleted






Communication between SMI-S provider and Array fails due to an Array password change.                                                           






The default array password (sysadmin / sysadmin) was recently changed.                                                           







  •         ViPR is concerned with connectivity from ViPR to the SMI-S host (using the default credentials "admin" and "#1Password").       
  •         Then for SMI-S to VNX connectivity, the credentials that need to be specified are the administrator credentials that are used when connecting to the array via Unisphere. For example, "sysadmin / sysadmin".      
  •         These credentials are specified when the array is initially added to the SMI-S provider host (by running the "addsys" command from within testsmiprovider).     
  1.          To resolve this issue, perform a "remsys" and "addsys" with no other operations occurring (reference the appropriate SMI-S provider documentation) and specify the new password when re-adding the array.     
  3.         If there are issues performing the "addsys" operation, it is recommended to restart the management server on each SP.  For assistance with this step, open a case with the VNX team.     






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