ViPR Controller: Syncing - Configuration cannot be changed at this time, the system is not stable.


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ViPR Controller Controller 2.3,ViPR Controller






      The ViPR application is in a constantly "Syncing" state.     
      The General Configuration tabs all show the following message:   
      Syncing - Configuration cannot be changed at this time, the system is not stable.   
      Running the command /opt/storageos/cli/bin/viprcli system remove-image -v vipr- -force returned ViPR Controller to stable state.   






The ViPR Controller state remains "Syncing" because the previously downloaded ViPR Controller image files referenced in the backup are not available for automatic download through the ViPR Controller upgrade repository (A node recovery, node count change, backup and restore or upgrade operation were performed resulting in inconsistent availability entry of images in ViPR nodes)   
    It is the local repository which fails to fetch the images. While we backup the ViPR, we do not insert the previous images to the backup yet the entries about the images are backed up. If the entries are present in all the nodes, no issues. If they are missing on some nodes, they will try to sync within and fail as there is no image in the local repository.   
    You will have to do the steps in the Resolution only when there is a sync issue and this error is seen in syssvc logs. This is happening because the ViPR Controller image referenced vipr- (example) is not available to download from repository:  (line 637) Get remote image URL for version(vipr- failed   







  1.         View syssvc log, and locate the associated error, for example:     

      Get remote image URL for version (vipr- failed:com.emc.storageos.systemservices.exceptions.RemoteRepositoryException: Failed to read repository null (java.lang.NullPointerException)   

  1.         Forcefully remove this image by running the following CLI command for each image that had an issue downloading:                
    1.             Log in to any ViPR node:         

      vi /opt/storageos/cli/viprcli.profile   

  1.         Edit VIPR_HOSTNAME with the Virtual IP of ViPR (UI)     


  1.         Save the file.     

      /opt/storageos/cli/bin/viprcli authenticate -u root -d /tmp/cookie   

  1.         Log in as root with the password     

      /opt/storageos/cli/bin/viprcli system remove-image -v vipr- –force (Example only)   


      Running the above command will fix the issue, and after removing the image, the ViPR controller should return to stable state. (Check the previous logs and confirm the image versions.)   







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