SourceOne Discovery Manager -  Messages listed under the Matter Review are shown as  "Assigned, Copy to Hold Failure".


   Article Number:     520060                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




SourceOne Discovery Manager,SourceOne





After assigning messages to a matter where a hold folder is configured, the state of the messages under the Matter Review is shown as "Assigned, Copy to Hold Failure".  No option is present to retry the failed items.                                                            






Copy to Hold failures can be caused by a failure (network, worker, back-end storage availability) during the job which handled the copy to hold.                                                            






To reissue the hold, locate the messages which failed from the original Collection Area search. Select the messages and assign them to the matter again. If all items related to a specific Collection Area search are to be assigned to the matter, right click the search and choose "Assign all results to matter" or "Assign all results to matter with custodians".  Any items which previously succeeded will be skipped as a "duplicate" in the resulting job(s). Any items which previously failed will be retried.