VPLEX GeoSynchrony 6.1 Directed Availability (DA) program

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Dell EMC currently offers the next version of the Dell EMC VPLEX operating environment – GeoSynchrony 6.1 – for Directed Availability (DA), starting on July 12th 2018.  VPLEX GeoSynchrony 6.1 DA program provides end users seeking early access to the features, patches and/or security vulnerability remediation contained in this release, which is a production ready and fully supported release, prior to the General Availability (GA) release targeted for approximately  early September, 2018.

The key benefits of GeoSynchrony 6.1 release include:

  • Improved overall performance on VS2
  • Metro communication enhancements
  • Improved CLI running at scale with quicker response times
  • Hardware Generational Upgrade (GenU) simplification with improved efficiency of software Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU)
  • Support on the VS6 MetroIP configuration Upgrade/Engine Expansion, going from Single to Dual and Dual to Quad upgrades   
Participation in the DA program will be limited, and acceptance for participation will be based on review by, and at the sole discretion of the Dell EMC VPLEX DA program team.

Base Requirements for participating deployment environments include:

1.  Dell EMC VPLEX system with ESRS/Connect EMC connectivity
2.   An active Dell EMC support contract for Premium-level or Pro Support Plus-level

Deployment Process –
Approved end users will be provided with copies of release documentation.  Installation of DA Operating Environment (OE) update will be provided by Dell EMC Remote Proactive Services (RPS) team.

Submissions may be sent to VPLEX.KARST.DA@emc.com (mailto:vplex.karst.da@emc.com) and must include the completed end user profile form available in the attachment.