Monster Mash -- Tech Notes Authoring Solution


Tech Notes Authoring Solution



Junaid Asifali and Team

Application Details

One of the important activities of a technical support organization is to create a body of knowledge that can be used and shared with both customers and internal employees. This knowledge typically takes the form of technical notes which document known solutions to specific problems. Apart from the main support site, these solutions may be referenced by other internal and external websites.


Developing a knowledge base usually involves two distinct activities; content authoring and distribution. In a support organization, support engineers first create a solution which is routed to subject matter experts for review. Once the technical review is complete, it is passed on to the approval team where the solution goes through further checks and is finally published to various websites.


The solution uses Documentum xCP for the content authoring process and xDB to store the approved solution and Atmos to store any binary documents which support the solution. The goal is to achieve this with minimal coding.


The Mashup

An xCP based business process will model the support solution authoring process. The output of this process would be an XML file containing the support solution with a URL pointing to supporting binaries on Atmos. This file would be pushed out to an external file system location where it will be picked up by xDB.


Webtop/Taskspace would be used for authoring support solutions while a custom java based front-end will be used for viewing and searching solutions. The custom front-end will use the xDB API and xQueries for managing and searching approved solutions. In addtion users can load any supporting binaries stored in Atmos by using the link to the binary stored in Atmos.




Technologies used in the mashup

  • Atmos Online API
  • EMC Documentum xCP
  • EMC Documentum xDB