Data Protection Advisor : How to prevent the DPA agent from requesting setting the Agent Password during install


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Data Protection Advisor





Since DPA Agent 6.3 Build 122, 6.4 Build 58 and 6.5 Build 6 (GA) it has been possible to set Agent Password which requires all Agents to authenticate with the DPA Application Server with the correct password.  Please see the DPA Installation and Administration Guide along with Knowledge Article 503652 for more information on setting the Agent Password within the DPA Application Server and Agents.   
    For mixed environments where older versions of DPA Agents (sub 6.3 Build 122 and 6.4 Build 58) are running, which do not support the Agent Password, it is possible to upgrade some of the existing Agents to new builds without setting the Agent Password.  This is possible via the following method:   
    1. If not already installed on the system, install a version of the DPA Agent prior to Agent 6.3 Build 122 and 6.4 Build 58.   
    2. Without uninstalling the existing version of the DPA Agent run the installer for the newer version of the Agent you wish to upgrade to.   
    The installer will automatically detect that there is an existing Agent installed on the system and will upgrade the Agent to the newer version.  During this upgrade process the Agent will not request that the Agent Password be set as it would normally do in a fresh install where no existing Agent was detected.