DPA Data Protection Advisor – Best practices to keep control on the size of the DPA database


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Data Protection Advisor 6.3,Data Protection Advisor 6.4,Data Protection Advisor 6.2





Excessive DPA datastore growth can impact system performance, reporting, and possibly keep the Data Protection Advisor (DPA) system from working at all.   
    Datastore growth can be due to many different reasons.  A typical presentation of excessive datastore growth is the inability to log into DPA.  Alternatively, if a customer is monitoring the size of their datastore, they may notice large periods of growth through their daily monitoring.  Typically the cause of datastore growth is the retention of data which is no longer required.   
    The retention of the data in the database is configured on each data collection request for the Applications and Storage objects in the DPA Inventory.   
    For instance the default ‘Retention period’ for NetWorker Job Monitor request is ‘Forever’ which means that NetWorker Job Monitor data (such as backup information) will never expire in DPA database.   
    The retention period for NetWorker Job Monitor can be reduced from Gui under Inventory – Object Library – select the object – select the request – Edit button – ‘Retention period’ but this new setting will apply only to the new collected data rather than the existing data in the database.  Previously collected data will continue to have a retention of 'Forever' and will not be removed from the datastore.  If required there are methods to remove data with a long retention but this will require the engagement of Dell EMC Support.    
    There is a Data Deletion process which starts by default at 9:00 AM daily to remove any data which has reached it's retention limit.      
    The sizing specifications for a new installation of DPA are based on the size of the environment. Discovering more objects in the environment and/or increasing the frequency of the data collection requests will result in a larger size of the database.   
    Recommendations to keep the size of the database under control are following:   

  1.         Do not discover objects in the environment which will are not required to be monitored and report on. Particularly discovering new vCenter objects which contain multiple VMs will cause the size of the database to increases considerably.  If you determine a discovered object is no longer required for reporting you can disable the data collection requests by setting the requests to Manual and restart the agent services for the changes to take place.     
  3.         Adjust the retention of the requests for each object in the Inventory according to organization guidelines for how long the data should be available for reporting.     
  5.         Tune the frequency of the requests to appropriate value which that allows the required reports and alerts on timely and up to date without being excessively frequent. A request that runs every 5 minutes will add new data into the database as per that frequency. According this can lead to rapid growth of the datastore.     
  7.         Allocate sufficient disk space for the datastore for possible future growth. Be aware the more objects added into the DPA Inventory or increase the frequency of the requests of these objects will result in a increase in the size of the database as well, thus disk space will need to be allocated accordingly.     
  9.         Take datastore exports regularly     
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details.