An ECS disk label show as "ECS:object" and not like other disks; "Object:Formatted"


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The designation (disk label) for an ECS disk may seem strange in ECS 2.2.x or higher.                                                           






ECS devices that are upgraded to 2.2 will mostly have disks with disk labels created in ECS 1.x, 2.0.x and 2.1.x and when a disk is replaced it will get a new style ECS 2.2.x label, which looks very different.                                                           






Upgrade to 2.2.x                                                           






Here is an example:   
    ECS7:~ # cs_hal list vols   
      SCSI Device Block Device FS UUID                               Type      Slot  Label          Partition Name                      SMART   Mount Point     
      ----------- ------------ ------------------------------------- --------- ----- -------------- ----------------------------------- ------------ ------------     
      /dev/sg0    /dev/sda1    168230c1-517d-4a65-8b5d-1f69f441a28a  ext3      0     BOOT                                               n/a     /boot     
      /dev/sg0    /dev/sda2    n/a                                   n/a       0     n/a                                                n/a     n/a     
      /dev/sg3    /dev/sdc1    954817d1-dfdd-4a4d-8f32-c1a6a98a9e3c  xfs       A01                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg4    /dev/sdd1    a1244a5b-8c50-4b2a-b156-5dd182e71c17  xfs       A02                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg5    /dev/sde1    50ca7170-bae7-4392-b986-fc19ff5dc22c  xfs       B00                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg6    /dev/sdf1    6975bf0b-0dc9-442c-b31f-750f33649008  xfs       A03                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg7    /dev/sdg1    5f8306a8-a000-4698-a01d-19926a8b3078  xfs       A00                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg8    /dev/sdh1    89823ca5-8907-4c38-83c5-b35ed510416d  xfs       B01                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg9    /dev/sdi1    dd8b99a0-8f9c-41f3-8d24-b7b4ede71680  xfs       A04                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg10   /dev/sdj1    f385ed8a-358d-40cf-9016-e1ef033338e4  xfs       B02                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg19   /dev/sdq1    e3b843a1-c7e3-41cc-aaa5-edaf1cea5fdd  xfs       A05                  ECS:object:+NV67DIZT46dtfSkA/1ueg   GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg12   /dev/sdk1    384200f5-08e7-46ca-b41b-459adc0b6c15  xfs       A06                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg13   /dev/sdl1    605bc722-9d0a-4f7e-ab29-94834edb36e7  xfs       A07                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg14   /dev/sdm1    15ee5502-6801-4271-a7d7-e8ba195ca2ce  xfs       A08                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg15   /dev/sdn1    9c725129-7751-46f1-b13d-2960a4ccd408  xfs       A09                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg16   /dev/sdo1    55f01067-0dac-44cf-ad15-d5aa96c02d17  xfs       A10                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      /dev/sg17   /dev/sdp1    23e555ce-ae69-4426-a1ea-5c387eac60d4  xfs       A11                  Object:Formatted:Good               GOOD    -     
      total: 17
    ECS7:~ # cs_hal list disks   
      SCSI Device Block Device Enclosure   Partition Name                      Slot Serial Number       SMART   DiskSet     
      ----------- ------------ ----------- ----------------------------------- ---- ------------------- ------- ------------     
      /dev/sg3    /dev/sdc     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               A01  1EGHBLEB            GOOD     
      /dev/sg4    /dev/sdd     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               A02  1EGH6NUC            GOOD     
      /dev/sg5    /dev/sde     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               B00  1EGH147C            GOOD     
      /dev/sg6    /dev/sdf     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               A03  1EGH74KC            GOOD     
      /dev/sg7    /dev/sdg     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               A00  1EGHDDZB            GOOD     
      /dev/sg8    /dev/sdh     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               B01  1EGGWDAC            GOOD     
      /dev/sg9    /dev/sdi     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               A04  1EGH7VRC            GOOD     
      /dev/sg10   /dev/sdj     /dev/sg11   Object:Formatted:Good               B02  1EGH7UTC            GOOD     
      /dev/sg19   /dev/sdq     /dev/sg11   ECS:object:+NV67DIZT46dtfSkA/1ueg   A05  1EGH8WDB            GOOD     
      /dev/sg12   /dev/sdk     /dev/sg18   Object:Formatted:Good               A06  1EGHB91B            GOOD     
      /dev/sg13   /dev/sdl     /dev/sg18   Object:Formatted:Good               A07  1EGH8TNB            GOOD     
      /dev/sg14   /dev/sdm     /dev/sg18   Object:Formatted:Good               A08  1EGH73UC            GOOD     
      /dev/sg15   /dev/sdn     /dev/sg18   Object:Formatted:Good               A09  1EGH1L5C            GOOD     
      /dev/sg16   /dev/sdo     /dev/sg18   Object:Formatted:Good               A10  1EGGLX0B            GOOD     
      /dev/sg17   /dev/sdp     /dev/sg18   Object:Formatted:Good               A11  1EGH867C            GOOD     
      total: 15
    The example above shows a node with 15 disks and the disk in SLOT A05 was replaced after the ECS was upgraded to 2.2.x. As we can see the Partition Name looks strange when compared to the other disks that have their labels from pre-ECS 2.2.   
    However strange this may appear to you, there is nothing wrong with this. Also, a cluster installed at 2.2.x or higher will have all disks with the new style disk label so there will be no contrast as shown above in an upgraded ECS device.