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NoteFly with EMC


Fan Wu

Application Details

NoteFly with EMC is a simple application mashing up all EMC repository-like products from a simple Note.

A Post-It-Note Desktop program that resides in the System Tray of most Windows desktop operating systems.


It's more than a normal passive Post-It “Note” in that you can:


  • Post quick notes to various EMC repositories so your insights and information are captured right away
  • Receive EMC repositories’ statuses automatically and pop up a flashing note on your screen if there is a problem
  • A "command-like" natural language command can be sent back to the server so that the server can do various jobs
  • Demonstrates cross platform cryptography, encryption with .NET and decryption with RSA BSAFE for Java
  • Web Service which provides Encryption on Demand
  • Base64 encoding in both Java and C# for rendering Atmos URL

The Mashup



Natural language command


The following outlines a use case where a user can start a Documentum work flow and attach a document to the work flow.

The attachment will be stored in Atmos and a url pointing to the attatchment will be stored in Documentum.


A user generates a new note and adds a natural language command to start a work flow called "Travel Review". The command shown in figure 1 will also attach a document named "travelrequest.pdf" to the workflow. The attachment will be uploaded to Atmos which returns an Atmos Sharable URL which is stored as a note in the ‘Note’ field of the package which can be seen in figure 5.


Here is a brief outline of the steps in this use case:

  • User starts a new note types command shown in figure 1
  • Then sends a note to the Natural Language Process Service  (NLP Mashup Service) figure 2
  • A Documentum workflow notification is returned with the Atmos URL embedded figure 3
  • Double clicking on the note renders a hyperlink which points to an Atmos end point and can be loaded from a browser figure 4
  • The Documentum note is shown in figure 5


Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 3Figure 4
Figure 5


Technologies used in the mashup

  • Atmos Online API
  • EMC Documentum xDB
  • EMC Documentum (DFS)
  • RSA Share (RSA and AES encryption)