Unisphere for VMAX: Attempt to add devices to Storage Group gives pop-up message "Adding Volumes to this storagegroup will render it SRDF unmanageable".


   Article Number:     487890                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Unisphere for VMAX,Solutions Enabler





When using Unisphere for VMAX to add devices to an existing Storage Group, during the define process a confirmation message appears:   

      Adding Volumes to this storagegroup will render it SRDF unmanageable           
            Use the create SRDF Pairs Dialog to add volumes .........






With Solutions Enabler 8.0.2 and above, RDF control operations (for example, symrdf establish, split, resume, suspend, etc.) can be applied to RDF devices in a Storage Group.   
    Previously RDF devices were listed could only be listed in a Device Group (symrdf -g <dg>), Consistency Group (symrdf -cg <cg>), or Device File (-file <file>).   
    So if non-RDF device(s) were added to an existing Storage Group that contained only RDF devices (all R1 or all R2), then the Storage Group could no longer be used for RDF operations.   
    This would not affect the other Storage Group functions for masking, Virtual LUN or FAST operations.






This message is informational only. It is to inform you that proceeding to add the devices to the Storage Group (SG) will result in the Storage Group not being able to be used for SRDF control operations.   
    To avoid this warning, you need to create the SRDF pair first, before adding volumes to the SG.