VMware ESXi: Lost path redundancy to storage device DeviceName. Path vmhbaN:Cx:Ty:Lz is down. Affected datastores: DatastoreName


   Article Number:     495254                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VMware ESXi,Symmetrix





The Task and Events tab of the VMware ESXi host on the vSphere Client reports the following error under Events:   

      Lost path redundancy to storage device DeviceName. Path vmhbaN:Cx:Ty:Lz is down. Affected datastores: DatastoreName   
    This indicates a single point of failure and potential performance impact in the virtual machines currently accessing the storage device.                                                           






In this case, there was no zoning configuration for the VMware ESXi host.                                                           






To determine the actual failure, or to eliminate possible issues:   

  1.         Check the host grabs for the impacted VMware ESXi host.      
  3.         Check the storage array.     
  5.         Check the switch configuration / zoning.     
    In this particular case:   
  •         No errors were found on the HBA, or the devices in the VMkernel logs.     
  •         It was found that at the same time the error was reported, RSCN messages were sent from the switch to HBA vmhbaX indicating a change in the zoneset of the fabric, and paths were down. Then another RSCN messages were sent to vmhbaX and the paths were up again.     
    The user verified that there is no zoning configuration for the ESXi host.   
  •         Please refer to VMware Knowledge Article kb.vmware.com/kb/1009554 for the complete troubleshooting steps.     
  •         This article apply for other Dell EMC storage arrays.     
  •         The events were found in (localcli_storage-san-fc-events-get and hostd.log) These files can be found in the vmsupport bundle.