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Game Content Services

NOTE: This solution won both the Grand Prize and  Documentum xCP prize in the Monster Mash 2010.


Derrick Lau

Application Details

Provide video gamers a simple cost effective means of sharing customizations with one another.

The ability to customize game content, such as custom game characters is very popular amongst gamers. However finding an affordable accessible solution for sharing this content continues to be a challenge.  Game Content Services a proof of concept application submitted by Derrick Lau demonstrates a solid solution to this problem.


The Game Content Services consists of the following two work flows.

  • Submission and approval workflow for registering new game content for sharing.
  • Usage workflow for retrieving new game content to a video game client.


Submission and approval workflow

Game developers can upload content such as a 3D model to a game publisher's Documentum repository using the
Documentum Web Development Kit (WDK). After the import is complete the content or model is attached

to the content rating workflow, which allows the game publisher to associate it with uploaded texture files, and the username that uploaded the content.
In addition the content can be rated using the ratings standards of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.


Usage workflow

After the content completes the submission and approval workflow the game publisher can upload the users submitted content to the users Atmos storage account. This is accomplished by mapping the users meta data which was gathered during an Atmos registration process. This process stores the Atmos storage account meta data in Documentum xDB. This metadata is retrieved by the usage work flow and used to map the user to their Atmos storage account and from here the content can be uploaded to the users Atmos storage account.


At this point clients may download content from the cloud.  This is done by first searching a registry of game content storage sites in the cloud. Users can now download content from any of the storage accounts the game user has registered for.



The Mashup

The proof of concept solution follows a services oriented architecture approach, with a data/content layer, services/business objects layer and interface layer.  User facing interfaces such as the video game client, the WDK client, an online registry setup interface and an Atmos upload client make up the user interface layer.


The content streaming service, the game content submission workflow, xDB REST web services, and the job that pushes content automatically from Documentum to Atmos storage make up the services/business objects layer.  The Documentum content server, xDB server and Atmos storage constitute the data layer.


Uploading game content


Assigning a rating to the game content


Check if content can be exported (notice Atmos option)


File object (Sphere.fbx) can bee seen in Atmos




Here we can see the Game Content



Technologies used in the mashup

  •      Atmos Online API
  •      EMC Documentum Accelerated Composition Platform (xCP)
  •      EMC Documentum, Content Server 6.5, xDB 9.0
  •      Microsoft .NET
  •      Microsoft XNA Framework, Game Studio 3.1