ViPR SRM: How to create users (Global/Local) in VNX Unisphere for SRM discovery


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Below are the steps on how to create users in Unisphere for VNX:       
        1- Open Unisphere UI.       
        2- Select your VNX for file/Block system       
        3- Select Settings       
        4- Select Security       
        5- Select User Management       
        6- You will have here some options (Global Users , Local users for File, User customized for File and Local users for Block       
        A) To create Global Users:       
        1- Select Global users.       
        2- Click on Add.       
        3- Enter the username and password you want.       
        4- Provide Storage Domain role for this array. The following KB  provides you with the available roles and their privileges ->       
        5- Click ok.       
        B) To create Local users for File:       
        1- Select Local users for File.       
        2- Select create       
        3- Enter Username and password (Leave UID to auto select)       
        4- Then Select the Primary and Group role membership as desired.       
        5- Enable CLI access.       
        6- Select ok and apply.











      Important Notes:   

  •         In SRM, If the user only has the Operator role and you run the status "Test" from Discovery Center, the "statistics logging" test will always fail. To confirm Statistics Logging is enabled, you should login to Unisphere as a user with Administrator privileges.     
  •         To assign Nasadmin (Administrative) Privileges to a user, you need to assign Fullnas and Control station shell allowed permission to that user.     
  •         In SRM,  to avoid discovery issues it’s better to assign administrative privilege to the users.