SourceOne Discovery Manager : How to determine the SourceOne Discovery Manager Matter associated with a Discovery Manager Hold and Export JobID in SourceOne Email Management console and vice versa


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This article describes the steps to determine the matter associated with a Discovery Manager Hold or Export Job in SourceOne Email Management console.   

  1.         Obtain the Task ID of the job in question from the Job Management Console by highlighting the job and viewing the Job details in the preview, one of the values listed will be the Task ID.      
  3.         Using the Task ID from the Job, run the following query against the SourceOne Activity database.     

      Select a.ActivityID As JobOrQueryID from activity a   


      Join tasks t on t.ActivityID = a.ActivityID   


      where t.TaskID =     
      <Task ID from Job>   


      Result will look something similar to below (Note that the ActivityID in the Activity table is the same as the JobOrQueryID in the WorkItems table in the Discovery Manager database):      

  1.         Run the following query against the SourceOne Discovery Manager database to obtain the Matter information (MatterID and Name):     

      Select m.MatterID, m.Name from Matters m    


      join Operations o on o.MatterID = m.MatterID   


      join WorkItems w on w.ResultSetID = o.ResultSetID   


      where w.JobOrQueryID = <JobORQueryID from previous query>     


      The following is an example result of above query:      


      To determine what SourceOne JobID are running for a specific matter (Hold and Export Jobs) simply perform the following steps:   

  1.         Run the following query to identify the MatterID of the matter in question:     

      Select * from Matters where name = '<Matter Name>'   


      Take note of the MatterID.   

  1.         Run the following query to identity the JobOrQueryID from the WorkItems table which is the same value as the SourceOne AcivityID in the Activity and Tasks tables of the SourceOne Activity database:     

      select JobOrQueryID As ActivityID from Workitems where MatterId = <MatterID from first query> and Type =<Enter Type hereand Status =0     


      For Copy to Hold jobs enter 2 in the Type value, and 3 is for Export jobs. A status of 0 is for running or active jobs.             
              See example result below:
      Alternatively the ActivityID can be determined from the Discovery Manager Job by running the following query against the Discovery Manager database using the name of the export name:   


      select w.JobOrQueryID as ActivityID from WorkItems W       
        join Operations o on o.ResultSetID = w.ResultSetID       
        where o.Name = '<Export from the Discovery Manager Console>'

  1.         Run the following query against the SourceOne Activity database to identify the JobID:      
      Select j.JobID from Jobs j   

      join Tasks t on t.TaskID = j.TaskID   


      Join Activity a on a.ActivityID =t.ActivityID   


      and t.ActivityID =<AcivityID result from previous query>     


      Below is an example:      

      The job can also be identified in the SourceOne Job management console by filtering by the Activity ID obtained from query number 1.