ViPR Controller: Incorrect number of zones created when exporting XtremIO X2 volumes


   Article Number:     510753                                   Article Version: 7     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6,XtremIO X2





When exporting XIO X2 volumes to hosts, ViPR-C is not creating the correct number of zones as configured in the VirtualPool path settings.   
    Typically half the number of zones are created than what was expected.   
    Note: This issue is only applicable to zoning XtremIO X2 volumes.






ViPR-C creates zone names based off several variables (host name, HBA wwn,array serial #, array port name)   
    The default zone name parameter in ViPR-C is the following :   

      SDS_{host_name.FIRST(32)}_{hba_port_wwn.REPLACE(":", "").LAST(12)}_{array_serial_number.LAST(4)}_{array_port_name.REPLACE("_|-", "").LAST(9)}   
    To check the current zoning parameter in VIPR go to :    
      ViPR GUI > Physical > Controller Config > San Zoning > Global   
    By default, ViPR Controller uses the last 9 characters of the XtremIO X2 port name.  From the example ports below, the last 9 characters of the port names are not unique across all ports.   
    Example (XIO X2 Port Names)   
    This issue is prevalent when there is a multiple X-Brick XtremIO X2 configuration which allows for the possibility of VIPR to create multiple zones with the same zone name.                                                           






No change, this is a new ViPR Controller implementation                                                           









      To resolve this issue, the user needs to change the global zoning parameter in VIPR to include all characters of the port name to make the zone name unique.   


      1.            Un-Export the existing volume and perform the following.     
                     (Note : This will result in the host temporarily losing access to the already provisioned volume.   


      2.            Navigate to ViPR GUI>Physical>Controller Config>San Zoning>   


      Current / default value (for Global):-     
      SDS_{host_name.FIRST(32)}_{hba_port_wwn.REPLACE(":", "").LAST(12)}_{array_serial_number.LAST(4)}_{array_port_name.REPLACE("_|-", "").LAST(9)}     
      Add a new entry  :-     
      Scope type = Global     
      Scope value = Default     
      Value = SDS_{host_name.FIRST(20)}_{hba_port_wwn.REPLACE(":", "").LAST(12)}_{array_serial_number.LAST(4)}_{array_port_name.REPLACE("_|-", "").LAST(14)}     
      Note: The zone naming changes above result in a zone name with the last 14 characters of the PortName instead of the previous configuration which was 9 characters.     
      The zone name can be a maximum of 64 characters.   


      3. Save the new configuration   


      4. Re-export the existing volume   


      Note: If using Cisco switches in the environment, un-exporting or deleting the existing volume may not delete the created zones and the same XIO2 zoning issue will persist on re-export of the volume.     
      The zones will need to be manually deleted on the switch.     
      ViPR Controller engineering are currently evaluating the requirements to address this issue in an upcoming ViPR-C product release.     


      ViPR Engineering is currently addressing this problem, but has not provided a fix in a released patch.       
        This solution will be updated with the patch when it has been released.