Demo Acquisition (NFR) Program for Client Solutions - Demo and Internal Use



Demo Acquisition (NFR) PROGRAM

Client Solution Group


Demo Acquisition (NFR) Program (“NFR Program”) provides eligible Dell Technologies Partner Program Solution Providers and Authorized Distributors with special pricing on the purchase of Demo or Internal Use equipment only

Launch date: 21 May 2018

Eligibility: Dell Technologird Partner Program Solution Providers with Gold, Platinum and Titanium level under the Dell Technologies Partner Program, and Authorized Distributors.

Maximum allowed per year and per partner:

  • 15 Laptops/Workstations (Metallic Partners) and 15 DnCP Units (2 Displays and 4 peripherials)
  • 20 Laptops/Workstations (Authorized Distributors) and 15 DnCP Units (2 Displays and 4 peripherials)



Attached you will find the Program material to know more about the Demo Acquisition (NFR) program.


Discount Table:

Partners are entitled to the discounts below, on top of their regional discount.

Notice that discounts apply on the values before taxes, shipping and any other cost. When you apply the discount on the Premier Page, you will receive the final value with the combined discounts


Laptops & Desktops

(Max per year and per partner: 15 units for Metallic Partners and 20 units for Authorized Distributors)

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HW-TD FY20.png

Displays and Peripherals (max 2 Display and 4 Peripherals per partner and per year)

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MEX DnCP - TD FY20.png


MMCLA DnCP - TD FY20.png


BRAZIL DnCP 1 de2 - TD FY20.pngBRAZIL DnCP 2 de2 - TD FY20.png


  1. Partner submits business case (attached in the program material) complete to, indicating product type and quantity, if products will be used for Demo or Internal Use and any other information relevant to the case.
  2. NFR team revises and responds with approval or decline within 5 working days.
  3. Once approved, Partner will receive Coupon with Discount to submit via Premier Page. If Partner is buying via Distribution, the same Coupon must be submitted to Distributor for their processing.

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Discount table 2.bmp