Announcing XtremIO X2: Replication and New Entry Priced Model

At Dell Technologies World 2018, we announced enhancements to XtremIO X2.

Metadata-aware Replication

The new native metadata-aware replication capability in XIOS 6.1 is highly efficient and can save up to 75% or greater on bandwidth requirements. Unlike other replication tools, it sends compressed, unique data (after dedupe) to minimize WAN bandwidth.

  • A non-unique data block, which already exists on the target array, is not sent again (de-duplicated). Instead, only the block metadata is replicated and updated at the target array.
  • This efficient replication is not limited per volume, per replication session or per single source array, but is a global deduplication technology across all volumes and all source arrays.
  • The transferred unique data blocks are sent compressed over the wire.
  • XtremIO Asynchronous Replication is based on Snapshot-shipping method that allows XtremIO to transfer only the changes, by comparing the changes between two subsequent Snapshots, benefiting from write-folding.


New XtemIO X2 Model

The new XtremIO X2 model is ideal for customers requiring a single X-Brick with small capacity, approximately 100TBe to 200TBe, and who expect limited growth but still require high-performance with low latency. It delivers all of the enterprise capabilities of XtremIO but at mid-range prices.


Learn more about what was announced for XtremIO at Dell Technologies World: