Data Protection Advisor : How to create DPA analysis rule for maintenance job


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      Note that maintenance jobs are created from the backup server instead of backup clients. Due to this it is not possible to create Event Based alert for maintenance jobs. Instead Scheduled rule type will need to be used which is based on the output of a report. For this example the system report template Maintenance Job Details can be used.         
          Configuration steps are:         
          1) In the DPA GUI go to Policies > Analysis Policies > Custom Rule Templates.         
          2) Click on 'Create Custom Rule Template'.         
          3) Choose the Type to be Scheduled  and Category as Status.
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      4) Click 'Select Template'.     
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      5) Click the 'System Report Templates' tab at the top of popup and choose report 'Maintenance Job Details'.     
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      6) Click 'Select Template & Edit Options'.     
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      7) Select an appropriate schedule for the report then click 'OK'.  Note that the schedule will determine how often the DPA will check to see if a maintenance job has occurred.     
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      8) Fields under Alert should automatically populate.     
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      9) Enter in a 'Name/Alert Message' then click 'Save and Close' this rule.         
          10) This custom rule can now be added to a new or exist Analysis Policy.








      Please contact Dell EMC DPA Technical Support for more information.