VNX: FCO F101717FC - VNX2 Cobra E+ Drives (Dell EMC Correctable)


   Article Number:     514811                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VNX/VNXe Family






      This Customer Advisory is to inform you of an issue involving a small lot of 1.2 TB 10k rpm drives used in a VNX2 system sharing part numbers: 005050828, 005050084, 005050826, 005050082, 005050830, and 005050086 that  may experience, without any prior warning, premature failure. Dell EMC has decided to take immediate proactive action and replace the affected drives in order to preemptively address this issue. Dell EMC will perform this drive replacement activity at no charge to you. A Dell EMC representative will contact you to schedule a convenient time to allow for this replacement activity. Dell EMC requests your cooperation to allow for the drive replacements as soon as possible.   

      Issue Description   


      Dell EMC has become aware of an issue with a specific set of disk drives which after approximately three (3) years of runtime, may experience head crashes or severely degraded heads. If two or more of such affected drives in the same RAID Group fail over a short period of time, this issue may cause a potential risk of loss of data stored on such drives. Dell EMC advises immediate replacement of such affected drives. It is clarified that not all the drives sharing the same part number are affected by this issue, Dell EMC has decided to take immediate proactive action and replace the affected drives to protect against this potential. Although you may not have encountered the issue described in this Customer Advisory, Dell EMC strongly recommends that you allow for this replacement as soon as possible.   








      It is recommended that all VNX2 systems be upgraded to the current Target Revision, VNX OE for Block OE and OE for File, or later. This is especially true for systems that are using less than VNX OE for Block OE This version introduced enhancements to proactive copying, which will be used during your drive replacements.     
      Additionally, a Dell EMC representative (“representative”) will contact you to arrange a convenient time to schedule the replacement of the affected drives. The representative will first connect to the system and identify the affected drives followed by ordering of the replacement drives. In most cases, the drives will be shipped directly to your site, which you will need to store in a secure location near the affected drives. The representative will then replace the drives following your agreed upon plan.     
      Drive replacement entails copying data from an affected drive to the replacement drive. Once the data is copied, the affected drive will be removed from the system. The drives will be replaced while the system remains online. Since copying of data increases the workload on the system, it is recommended that this activity be performed during off-peak hours. Since there are many factors involved in the replacement -  number of affected drives, affected RAID Groups, amount of data to copy, and overall workload, it is not possible to estimate timelines for such replacement; however, Dell EMC will use its commercially reasonable endeavors for a timely replacement.     
      Unless the affected drives are covered by a drive retention service, all drives that are replaced must be returned to Dell EMC as soon as practical.     
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      Dell EMC appreciates your business. We are constantly working to help customers better protect their most important asset; their business data. Please contact your local support team if you have any questions concerning this Customer Advisory.