NetWorker 9.1.x Branch Cumulative hot-fixes overview


   Article Number:     517243                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Cumulative hotfixes are periodically issued. They combine various individual hotfixes that might have an impact on customer production environments.   
    NetWorker  Build 362, released on April 06, 2018   

283591 vProxy RFE: Tighten up network access of vProxy especially SSH233567 vProxy Need improvements in Enterprise Host selection in NMC main window294105 vProxy Increase tolerance for VM hang during FLR mount294189 vProxy FLR mount fails on CentOS 7.2 as unsupported platform288286 NMC    Show an error/warning message when NMC UI is run with insufficient memory296094 NMSAP Esc.31212: SAP HANA 2.0 backup from the NetWorker side fails with (/lib64/ version ‘CXXABI 1.3.8’ not found)297373 NetWorker $server variable is not working in email notification295362 NetWorker Jackson Data bind library should be updated to 2.9.4 for FLR and ebr-server (DSA-2018-070)295479 NetWorker Upgrade Jackson Library to version 2.9.4 for AuthC (DSA-2018-070)295360 NetWorker Upgrade Jackson Library to version 2.9.4 for RESTAPI (DSA-2018-070)292861 NetWorker Escalation 30363:Since upgrading to NW 9.1.1.x, OpenSSL vulnerable CVE-2016-2176 is detected for process node-win-x64-0.10.29.exe (DSA-2018-070)    
NetWorker  Build 350, released on March 12, 2018   
283591 vProxy Tighten up network access of vProxy especially SSH294105 vProxy Increase tolerance for VM hang during FLR mount294189 vProxy FLR mount fails on CentOS 7.2 as unsupported platform295687 NMDA NMDA MySQL backup fails with library load error on build 347294790 NMDA Esc.31096 Duplicate Oracle database is not working via NMC294603 NMDA Esc.31179 Linux s390 nsrdb2rlog fails dlopen(NULL) failure=/opt/nsr/lib/ symbol: _ZTISt9exception294360 NMDA Esc.31007 Oracle restore wizard takes a long time to complete. NMDA Esc.31042 Sybase backup fails when the NSR_EXCLUDE_FILE is set293739 NMDA Esc.30846 NMDA Oracle probe-based backup does not work with OS authentication292965 NMDA Esc.30840 cannot backup oracle database if user password contains special characters291872 NMDA Esc.30120 After upgrade from NW 8.x to NW 9112 the Informix client initiated differential backups are timeout290449 NMDA Esc.30445 NMDA DB2 recovery wizard stuck when click next button on NMC after inputting the ENV info290212 NMDA Esc.30086: The policy notifications of NW build 140 are failing report domino backups if they belong to a group that has File system backups clients289335 NMDA Unexpected behavior of the function mktime() on AIX295388 NMM NMM-SQL VDI   Backup fails on SQL Cluster setup295064 NMM Backup is failing for SharePoint.294767 NMM Dismount volume not succeeding, leading to hang in nsriscsi and nsrnmmsv294717 NMM Integrate EMC ItemPoint 8.2.1. RC6 Package into NMM 9.1.1 and nw 9_1_dev builds which support Exchange 2016 CU6 and CU7294372 NMM port changes from bug 293297 to branch293678 NMM Esc.30853 NMM / exchange IP-LESS DAG node behavior is not consistent re parallelism292774 NMM txn-log backups of an AAG db are always getting promoted to full when backup priority is secondary only292394 NMM Esc.30568: Sharepoint Backups fail for Pseudo Saveset (SQL dB and SP content dB name mismatch)292228 NMM NMC GUI does not report accurately on which HyperV vms were backed up successfully and which failed. Missing VMs in GUI291117 NMM Esc.30464: NMM Exchange 2016 secondary backups do not start in parallel290886 NMM [SharePoint] Backup fails due to case mismatch in SQL instances name in SaveSets reported by SharePoint and SQL writers290622 NMM Esc.30426: BBB change for backup performance improvement after ddfs upgrade to 6.0290202 NMM Esc.30335: SQL log backup failed for all DB, if one read only DB is detected290157 NMM Esc.30371: Log Gap Detected:      Backup promoted - for 1 DB in AG after performing Cumulative backup289334 NMM SSMS Plugin not loading in SQL management Studio 17288519 NMM Esc.29926: SQL DB Rec7 backup always failed after upgrade to NMM Esc.29977 and 29841 diskpart script to format container fails after running for few days or fails when a large number of databases are backed up288246 NMM Esc.29949: NMM 9.1 backup leaves some of the Search Server component paused286333 NMM Backup fails with error WMI timeout if host entries are not in the order of IP FQDN Short name285919 NMM Esc.29284: Use VHDX format for exchange EDB containers, only if the size of residing volume is greater than 2 TB284721 NMM Esc.29267: Exchange DAG backups fail with 'Another instance of NMM running' even after clearing stale nsrsnap processes281814 NMM Esc.28576: Exchange 2016 BBB backups are failing for mailbox databases giving an error nsrnmmsv NSR critical 39 Unable to create application container.249745 NMM Log gap detection is currently not available for AAG solution292494 NMSAP NMSAP doesn't list product information in debug logs291924 NMSAP Esc.30494:  NMSAP backup intermittently hangs, oracle process loops with semop() with a non-existent178601 NMSAP NMSAP Oracle is unable to clone RMAN savesets on Windows292651 NW_Console Java Nullpointer Exception is thrown while trying to choose table column for Clone session292378 NW_Console Esc.30743 Customer also wants to disable TSL 1.0 and 1.1 for port 9001, which is used by gstd on NW 8 and 9292271 NW_Console Esc.29253 LDAP user can log in to the NMC but cannot see NetWorker resources292015 NW_Console Esc.30094 Policy status is successful but nsrnmmsv.exe has a red x ( fails)291950 NW_Console Drive Utilization - DD OR aftd device added after few days does not show up in the devices list.291618 NW_Console Esc.30323 NMC Recover Details Report, "recover list" field is showing blank and this is in continuation to ESC 29826291438 NW_Console Drive Utilization Report: Error: Divide by Zero error observed when trying to view chart in multiple formats291331 NW_Console Esc.30439: NMC LDAP - 2 Factor Authentication is not working291093 NW_Console gstd crash observed with error "Unable to open lockbox '%s'290424 NW_Console Esc.29178: adding vCenter object into protection group290312 NW_Console The entries under Media savesets on NMC remain even after the savesets are deleted permanently290035 NW_Console Incorrect status displayed in monitoring page for any policy which is deleted from NMC.289650 NW_Console NMC Upgrade: Server Protection policy status shows as Running despite its workflows have completed execution289581 NW_Console Null pointer exception when tried to create copy of workflow in policy section289564 NW_Console NMC Upgrade: Java NullPointerException is thrown when trying to check Workflow details while another workflow is running288286 NW_Console NMC:  Show an error/warning message when NMC UI is run with insufficient memory288196 NW_Console Esc.29858:  NMC Device Utilization Report for 2 specific devices only gives an error:'out of range for type integer'285103 NW_Console NMC Client Push shows garbled messages during upgrade280385 NW_Console Cloning rate displayed is incorrect277390 NW_Console UI "Out of Memory "error is thrown when taking backup of multiple workflow with 1000 and 100 of savesets (Inconsistent)295494 NetWorker Workflow is failing for the client with save set "All" when VHD is attached to the client295452 NetWorker Esc.31126: core dump on nsrvproxy binary.295328 NetWorker nsrclone crashed during sequential clone295185 NetWorker Clone is successful but mminfo reports one saveset missing when compared with Backup & Clone pool295181 NetWorker savegrp crash after upgrade.295163 NetWorker Esc.31058:  IPv6 hosts entry causes application outages295097 NetWorker nsrjobd crash observed while running sequential clone policy295018 NetWorker [NAS]Clone process continues infinitely.294743 NetWorker Cloning of APP Consistent Backups Fails294350 NetWorker NMM exchange backups to DD is failing on win2008R2294215 NetWorker VM Admin Password not obscured in restapi log file294158 NetWorker nsrports -t truncates error messages on Windows platforms293918 NetWorker Esc.31055: Regression: unable to remove active auxiliary files on device on NetWorker Esc.30622: After NW upgrade from 8226->8247 no backups progress with NSR tunnel configuration293615 NetWorker Cloning of a save set from secondary device (resurrection) fails when primary device is unmounted293527 NetWorker Media event issue will not clear and clone will hung/wait with device 5:     1 DD->Tape combination293399 NetWorker rps disabled CCR cloning fails in an RDZ environment293378 NetWorker Esc.30931: nsrmmdbd core dump on Suse NW server NetWorker Broker message needs correction to include the correct "pool type" during *cloning* op, when there is a media wait event293192 NetWorker Esc.30642: Cloning to tape fails even if the clone pool has recyclable (auto) tape volume293076 NetWorker Esc.30437: After applying fix of ESC 30230, savegrp hangs although jobs are all completed292775 NetWorker vProxy: IA fails with secondary mtree created manually292770 NetWorker nsrrecopy jobs status is successful even when few ssids are in waiting to run292656 NetWorker nsrd is consuming 25 GB Commit Size memory on Windows 2012 after upgrade from 8.2292595 NetWorker Esc.30545: nsradmin -C -p nsrexec "type:      NSR peer information" fails for NW 9.1 clients292518 NetWorker issue seen for RPS Enabled (DD->DD Win) on Linux AFTD2TAPE & AFTD2DD Saveset Cloning292363 NetWorker Esc.30375: Clone from DDFC devices takes around 10 minutes to start when RPS clone is disabled292002 NetWorker Esc.30181: nsrmm -o recyclable outputs "Unable to mark volume - volume version mismatch"291948 NetWorker Esc.30314: DR backup failed when running on SQL server291907 NetWorker "Resource does not exists" issue observed when deleting an client resource from a Group291773 NetWorker Esc.30261: Networker client 9.x is creating a TCP connection to the backup server with the short name causing delay291727 NetWorker RPS Schedule Clone hangs due to Media Waiting event, when multiple backup volumes are used and clone devices are available.291505 NetWorker Esc.30036: NSM for Isilon NAS does not remove expired snapshot automatically291464 NetWorker Saves set Query clone is hung with PSS option is set for clients and RPS enabled291441 NetWorker Esc.30324: Action notification does not display failed saveset (285086)291368 NetWorker Esc.30372: nsr_render_log "Unable to render the following message" (%s) size is now set to %s291029 NetWorker Esc.30070: After a full backup of newly created subdirectory on Linux, it is not visible for restore in NMC or client UI290651 NetWorker DNS cache item expiration time is not handled consistently290542 NetWorker rps enabled: aftd to dd clone; NSR info shows incorrect client name and saveset name290452 NetWorker Libmagfs causing nsrmmd core290443 NetWorker Add "high CPU detection" in nsrwatch290355 NetWorker Esc.30158: The workflow notification for clones does not report which ones failed.290162 NetWorker Esc.30143: Windows 2008 backup does not skip VHD290160 NetWorker Esc.30079: clone action clones unrelated save sets290158 NetWorker Esc.30050: Clone operation looks of incorrect read volume NW for vProxy backups290064 NetWorker Pre-populate nsrmmdbd's DNS cache prior to consistency checking to speed up start times290011 NetWorker Esc.29704: With FORCE_REC_AFFINITY, the incorrect storage node is still being selected for directed recoveries.289718 NetWorker Networker cannot be installed (and) services cannot be started when Java 9 is installed289489 NetWorker nsrmmd cores while running clone tests289478 NetWorker nsrwatch displays text artifacts when scrolling job output text289336 NetWorker Esc.30104: Optimize client and host lookups in nsrclientfix289328 NetWorker Esc.30207: Millions of zero byte ssnread_lck_XXXXXX files under /nsr/tmp are being created causing backup server to become unresponsive289185 NetWorker Esc.29560: Exchange EDB files are not skipped during file system backup after upgrading to 9.1289168 NetWorker Esc.30226: Remove the message:Update license created: CLP UE -15288897 NetWorker Esc.29244: NetWorker Upgrade from results in ssretent, ssbrowse of year2149 to 2153 when Retention policy of 50 years was/is selected288882 NetWorker Esc.30115: Clone action hanging after failed CCR filecopy288205 NetWorker Clone failed due to aborted savesets from backup action288170 NetWorker Esclation 30185 : The scheduled vProxy clone is marked "succeeded" and reports "No input savesets!" and "No valid backend job" when the Protection Group for the Policy is also selected288121 NetWorker Esc.29933: Some non-existent (or aborted) save sets are pickuped by clone action, which result to the cloning failure288095 NetWorker Esc.30029: nsrmmdbd using 100% cpu on NetWorker Esc.28581: NetWorker startup is very slow in case of "high" count of resources287412 NetWorker "nsr_shutdown nsrexecd" fails to shutdown nsrctld287089 NetWorker Esc.29664: Aborted NDMP backup reports successful completion in NMC, however error logs report exit code 11286081 NetWorker Cloning can deadlock and cause indefinite failure285844 NetWorker Esc.29355: Starting Workflow with referenced Group fails with "No group is associated with workflow285264 NetWorker vProxy: FLR mount fails with secondary mtree created manually284808 NetWorker Esc.28677: File restore lost parent folder's permission when doing partial file browsing284042 NetWorker R&A environment observing very high memory utilization for nsrdisp_nwbg283482 NetWorker saveset record attribute ss data domain dedup statistics showing incorrect values in mminfo reporting283227 NetWorker RPS Disabled: DD-DD: nsrclone dumped core when user aborts the clone during PSS save sets283169 NetWorker vproxy_RPS: schedule clone, cloned FULL & Inc savesets again on the same volume , if there is another unmounted volume282503 NetWorker Esc.28880 After upgrade to on Linux server, server seems to open too many connections leading to port exhaustion281517 NetWorker vProxy Backup action Storage Node field is not getting honored while backup is performed280631 NetWorker Esc.28406: Savegroup core dump in NW after upgrade from NetWorker Esc.27959: Values for "job control" attribute not accessible by all jobs277652 NetWorker Esc.28451: Under specific situation, the source retention date is set to the clone saveset retention date277566 NetWorker Esc.28227: NMM 9.x savefs: nothing to save. remove_nested_vhd_from_savelist: Removing native VHD volume for Hyper-V Bare-Metal deployment273202 NetWorker Max number of allowed clone sessions from Networker should be based on the source and target DD session limits272320 NetWorker Support variables in the policy notification definition that would be expanded at runtime    
NetWorker Build 288, released on November 10, 2018   
285153 vProxy vProxy backup hang, the proxy logs show parser error: Excessive depth in document289545 vProxy Dynamic disks are not seen during FLR289628 vProxy BTRFS root filesystem backup is not seen in FLR recover page289194 vProxy Escalation 30122:vProxy: File level restore renames the volume groups on the target system Not yet available.289195 vProxy Support vProxy FLR on SLES 11 target VM 279475 NMMedi Escalation 28803:NMMedi 9.1 backups of XtremIO fail with error Not yet available274193 NMDA Escalation 27744 NMDA 9.0.1 Oracle RAC backup failed - sbtcommand: Failed to open file '/nsr/apps/tmp/.cfg Not yet available251627 NMDA REG: The NMDA Oracle Backup cfg file lost the capability with the precmd, postcmd option which are NOT official supported288429 NMDA Escalation 29833 NMDA MYSQL restore using mysql user unable to shutdown SQL service (Just to log related message) Not yet available.289263 NMDA Escalation 30206 DB2 DPF restore failed - SQL2025N An I/O error occurred. Error code: "11" Not yet available.285160 NMSAP Escalation 28688 NM SAP backup failing with RPC cannot make a procedure call: Create failed: Remote system error - Connection timed out Not yet available.285997 NMSAP Escalation 29527 NMSAP Oracle directed restore fails with error Cannot link to a file on another device Not yet available.286551 NMSAP Restore GUI reports SAP Oracle Recover as successful even when it has failed287548 NMSAP SAP HANA Wizard modification displays database login credentials in plain text287288 NMSAP Escalation 29885 NMSAP clone doesn't work if you set clone mode to Start on group completion Not yet available.288433 NMSAP Escalation 30009 hana backup does not honor server network interface and fails Not yet available.290765 NMSAP Escalation 30079 Policy attributes are missing in SAP Oracle RMAN scheduled save sets Not yet available286948/286949 NMM Escalation 29823   Cannot select "Recover Virtual System to a different path" while doing the hyper-V recovery. BBB-Hyper-V Changes and also NMMHyper-V Changes NMM Escalation 29193 SQL VDI metadata saveset not being correctly reported in jobsDB NMM Escalation 30201 SQL AlwaysOnAvailabilityGroup backups Exclude Replica NMM Escalation 30012 Incremental backup was promoted to FULL without a valid reason Not yet available.286772 NMM Escalation 29748 Add additional retry in case the format script is taking more time during container creation NW_Console Clientpush Inconsistency in reporting Client OS under 'Known Hosts' tab285476 NW_Console Escalation 29193 NetWorker 9.1: Not All Possible Save Sets Displayed in NMC -> Reports -> Reports -> Policy Statistics -> Save Set Details NW_Console NMC doesn't list client information if user remove "backup_type" column manually286027 NW_Console Escalation-29183 NMC Recovery Wizard takes a very long time to browse index NW_Console Start Individual Client not working as expected when multiple workflows are Running287888 NW_Console java.lang.ClassCastException is thrown when trying to recover from Client in Protection tab273560 NW_Console Java exceptions seen while trying to "Add WWN" in client configuration wizard286293 NetWorker Pre-populate nsrmmdbd's DNS cache to avoid lengthy queries when the cache is missing entries of failed lookups287073 NetWorker Add hostnames from NSR peer information resources when populating nsrd's DNS cache286977 NetWorker Reduce scope of SQLite transactions in nsrmmdbd 287156 NetWorker Reduce mmdb queries in nsrd when volume information can be found in mounted devices290117 NetWorker nsrmmdbd periodically fails to update volume records281927 NetWorker nsrmmd encounters the error "posix async write: Error 0" during backup to tape and prematurely marks a tape as full288643 NetWorker nsrmmdbd crashes when trying to cache a volume record with no volume name284312 NetWorker Escalation 29417 nsrd reports "media emergency: Cannot allocate memory" during a failed cloning NetWorker Escalation 28881 Active Directory users can log in to the NMC but cannot launch nwadmin GUI when AD group has an acute accent and/or spaces in the name NetWorker Enable the Client side MagFS debug flag thru NW RAP resource for selective clients287022 NetWorker libcbcl should check File Handle and Mount Handles before calling MagFS SDK287309 NetWorker libmagfswrapper crashes when closing NULL file handle NetWorker misleading messages from nsrrecopy/nsrclone in RPS workflow lead to confusion282874 NetWorker DEV: Disable Rps nsrclone not abort-able during action/volume cloning288448 NetWorker Escalation 29984 Cloning fails when ssid list contains an empty string NetWorker DEV: RPS Enabled: nsrclone coredump during abort in verify_clone_status()286412 NetWorker Clone session shows passed state even though overall clone action is failed with several failures in individual clone sessions282077 NetWorker DD to DD (CCR) cloning gets stuck at "media waiting event" even though media is available.282251 NetWorker Escalation 28937    Mount point content saved instead of parent volume content for "All" saveset. NetWorker RPC Service Exposed by RPC allows for command execution287530 NetWorker Recovery of RPS disabled Clone from Cloud Tier with DD Version fail 284572 NetWorker Optimize Networker nsrim process issuing highnumber of readdirs285042 NetWorker nsrclone usage improvements 286211 NetWorker Add dbgcommand LogDnsThreshold to log long DNS lookups in NetWorker daemons285680 NetWorker Save set 'All' with junction points are behaving differently after upgrading from build 199 to 9.1.1 build 140287292 NetWorker Move nsrmmdbd debugging code to its own source file 289357 NetWorker volume size shown as 0kb in NMC even when there is data present in the media287629 NetWorker Escalation 29931 clone action in 'server backup' workflow in 'Server Protection' policy is hung NetWorker workflow hangs forever when client schedule is skip and pre & post commands are specified284827 NetWorker Escalation 29290 NSM backup fails during import operation NetWorker Escalation 29780 NSM nsrnassnap_discover take very long time for discovery of snapshots assigned to volume NetWorker NSM Clone of Snapshot backup reported as failed even after completing successfully279823 NetWorker BBB Synthetic Full backup is failing to Cloud Boost device285412 NetWorker esc 29483 savegroup dumps core, leaving savesets uncloned but reporting success NetWorker nsrwatch hang detection for nsrmmdbd needs to make volume queries as well as save set queries for accurate reporting286387 NetWorker Escalation 29734 nsrwatch shows garbled localized text in ja_JP locale NetWorker Add active save and recover counts to nsrwatch's Overview window286158 NetWorker Workaround inconsistency with getaddrinfo() return values on Solarsis286218 NetWorker Add DPRINTF_ATTRLIST and DPRINTF_VALLIST to liblocal286393 NetWorker nsrwatch displays non-empty volume modes for emptyslots in Slot Info window289189 NetWorker nsrwatch fails to display correct Failed Job info in Group Info window288168 NetWorker Escalation 30068 poor performance (at startup) RAP database loading excessively slowly NetWorker Escalation 28359 SQL Clients do not complete nsrjobd debug=2 loop of "Unable to start save job834921 NetWorker on host QSSDEVDC2R due to client parallelism limits" NetWorker Bundle vProxy version 2.0.2-30 into next NW CHF NetWorker Regression : Build.285-BBB Recover fails on CB device    
NetWorker Build 261, released on September 25, 2017   
      288477 NetWorker BUG  [RPS disabled]nsrmmd.exe is crashing when running the nsrclone command with External storage node 287409 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29908:NW - Backup issue: Windows Client pseudo_saveset aborts immediately with message "It has been inactive for 1502404236 seconds." 287383 NetWorker BUG  Update VPROXY version to 2.0.2-23 in NetWorker (vProxy issue where backup engine hangs with XML parsing errors)287361 NetWorker BUG  nsrmmdbd will fail to save any save sets during bootstrap backups when a save set's attribute list fails to XDR decode 287268 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29658:Solaris interactive recover fails with 'Volumes needed (all had errors):Unknown'287068 NetWorker BUG  nsrmmdbd fails to use volume retention policy when setting clone retention time286994 NetWorker BUG  Fix the messaging in "handle_aggregated_save_inactivity"286612 NetWorker ESC  explicitly verify clone status for reporting and pass nsrrecopy failures upstream286472 NetWorker BUG  For 9.1.1.x NW release: Need to upgrade libDDBoost lib. from to NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29568:NW savegrp.exe crashes285674 NetWorker BUG  Implement a volid cache in nsrmmdbd for volume name to volid matching285637 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29528:nsrd hangs intermittently when making DNS lookups285491 NetWorker BUG  Aborted backup savesets show up as browsable in NMC as well as in mminfo285412 NetWorker ESC  esc 29483:savegroup dumps core, leaving savesets uncloned but reporting success285370 NetWorker BUG  Cleanup jukebox related RM messages285216 NetWorker BUG  Add a volssid cache in nsrmmdbd in an effort to reduce SQLite database contention285163 NetWorker BUG  Make use of the volume cache in nsrmmdbd when servicing fetchvol_id() requests285089 NetWorker BUG  Update mminfo to take advantage of fetchss_range() optimizations285045 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29486:The nsrsnmd is not removing T clflags for savesets already moved to Cloud from DD CT volume284999 NetWorker BUG  Increase fetchss_range() batch size in effort to reduce nsrmmdbd load284994 NetWorker BUG  Escalation 29584 - AIX packaging issue due to Networker libraries - port fix of 27289 to AIX284871 NetWorker BUG  SAT: nsrworkflow cores intermittently in sles11.(nw_9_2_dev build 62)284869 NetWorker BUG  nsrmmd crashes during cloning operations284831 NetWorker BUG  Disallow nsrlogin attempt for user root resolved284696 NetWorker BUG  Implement atomic test and set on Linux for use by liblocal's shared memory object284596 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29413:networker server hang 2 days after upgrading to, nsrmmdbd spiking up to 8 GB284594 NetWorker BUG  Port: Pass clone attributes to nsrmmd for DD-DD workflows284513 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29342:Cloning shows successful but creates 0kb savesets on destination then retries.284322 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29416:NSRWATCH in 8.2.4 is not displaying the recovery session status correctly anymore, example ? reading from DBPOOL1.006 20 GB of 78 GB? 284224 NetWorker BUG  Move the nsrmmdbd message "Unable to set clone retention using pool policy: No volume found in cache with volid 4014147442; will use client resource policy instead" to a debug message284102 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28766:Block Based Backup unable to get a snapshot with error "Failure status of writer EMC Networker BBB Writer - FAILED_AT_FREEZE"284068 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29137:Incorrect workflow status on NMC, Failed Workflow are showing as successful.283976 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29346:NMC Recover GUI: Does not pick up NDMP recovery variable from the environment on Linux.283790 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28633:With FORCE_REC_AFFINITY set to "yes", the Recover(or recover part of clone) should use a storage node from the client's remote storage node list that has the needed volume already mounted.283552 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28482:NMC Recover GUI does not pass environment variable "NSR_NDMP_RESTORE_LIMIT" to NDMP recovery283531 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 29343 - NMM backups with NSR_USE_CLIENT_SN_LIST parameter fails283311 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28910:9.1 SQL txnlog backups forced to full after file system backup283168 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 27972:Synthetic-Full(SF/VSF) succeeds for PSS savesets but the newly synthesized saveset ends up with "undef" in the "clretent" field(clone retention is wrongly set).282952 NetWorker BUG  Make use of sendfile() when creating mmdb snapshot to minimize nsrmmdbd downtime282847 NetWorker BUG  BBB: "Disaster_Recovery:\" saveset of Windows Client is failing while taking backup to Linux NW Server282670 NetWorker BUG  Generate private key type "RSA PRIVATE KEY" in nsrladb resource instead of key type "PRIVATE KEY" on Unix282463 NetWorker BUG  Limit the number of times a process calls popen("lsb_release") in liblocal's sysdesc()281928 NetWorker BUG  Add Volumes window to nsrwatch281833 NetWorker BUG  RFE:FR-BETA2_NW 9.2:save in D9 does not show all options passed to Magfs libraries280957 NetWorker BUG  Suppress purify COR, UMR in OpenSSL X509_sign and use OpenSSL purify build compiled with DPURIFY and no-asm option280689 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28591: Skip clone instance where fragment is NULL during recovery279683 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 27984:DFA to NFS fails for non-root users with NW client version up to 8.2.4.x278844 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28321:In NW NDMP level incremental backup is running as cumulative incremental instead277071 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 27145:NMC Recover "File or directory name:" search only lists the first 100 items.276905 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 28357:nsrmmdbd deadlocks while deleting save set clones from a volume275340 NetWorker BUG  05754417 Apache TomCat vulnerabilities - upgrade tomcat to 7.0.78263313 NetWorker ESC  /nsr/run is not cleaned on boot261065 NetWorker ESC  Escalation 26471:RFE: nsrtrap output on NW 9.0 is less detailed than it was on NW 8.0191669 NetWorker BUG  NW161045: 'nsrck -L7' fails after warning that ACL cannot be recovered, with indications of core for large index283906 NW_Console BUG  Help content for backup time is not accurate in the recovery wizard283663 NW_Console BUG  NMC GUI does not provide a option to query 'browsable' only save sets.283469 NW_Console ESC  Escalation 29033:NetWorker Administration GUI opens, minimizes then disappears275182 NW_Console BUG  NMC Client Push upgrade cannot be started for a group of clients from NMC Software Inventory Window288198 NMM BUG  SQL databases dont get listed as savesets in "Add Client Wizard" in SQL cluster environment (Regression from Bug 285637 checkin) 288014 NetWorker BUG  RP_5.1_CRR:Linux: NSM is unable to list snapable volumes with error "Failed to initialize snapshot providers: Unable to find address for routine [instantiateSS] in library [/usr/lib/nsr/lib64/]" 287559 NMM BUG  NMM GUI does not show VHD/VHDX and backup information for the backed up VMs287541 NMM BUG  Hyper-V recovery from AFTD device is failing with "Unable to copy file to 'C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\testVm_OS\Virtual Hard Disks\CSVVM51.vhdx', BBB error The operation cannot proceed since the connection table to Data Domain server is missing.." 286839 NMM BUG  Hyper-v no-proxy Vm recoveries fails with error "VSS_E_WRITERERROR_NONRETRYABLE " 286714 NMM BUG  Provide MSI installer for NMM and NW Extended Client ( and Boxster)285372 NMM BUG  Fix potential crash caused by incorrect using log_msg_debug285261 NMM BUG  NMM SQL VDI: Restores from Winworkr fail with nsrsqlrc crash.283897 NMM ESC  Escalation 29352:[Port Request] nsrnmmsv binary for NMM hyper-v over Nutanix for permission issue282063 NMM BUG  Saveset size is always shown as 0 kb for SQL AAG Backups271380 NMM ESC  Escalation 27502:Exchange RDB takes one hour to list the databases NMM 9.0.1.    
NetWorker Build 189, released on July 31, 2017   
      285346  Inventory of Linux clients from windows server fails with Stale Asynchronous RPC Handle Error 284847  Update VPROXY version to 2.0.2-16 version in NetWorker (OS security patches) 284691 29330  Error in 'Copying Packages' phase. - nsrcpd NSR severe Error while executing remote command 284621  AutoSAT: nsrclone cores during DD to DD cloning (sles11) 284465 29192 nsrexecd crash on client OS SLES 12 with the Intel Haswell TSX/HLE 284330 29407 CCR sessions in failing and reporting "Unable to join save thread during clone end. The thread is NULL" 284273  Purify is reporting nsrjobd leaks in several SAT tests 284199 29428 nsrnassnap_save core dump immediately after start 284074  PSRC-4517: Buffer overflow in nsrd's rpc procedure number 31 svcrm_monitor_device_fail_async_2 283704  clone : nsrclone crashes when we run schedule clone for SQL VDI with RPS disabled. 283660 29266 nsrmm -o recyclable outputs "Unable to mark volume - volume version mismatch" 283541  AutoSAT: nsrclone/nsrstage command in NON RPS mode succeeds when cloning is not performed 283500  Address memory leak in mm_wait_for_available_session() 283481  SPI: Clone from DD to Tape for vProxy VM savesets fails with "Cannot find any devices to use for cloning . Skipping cloning!" error message 283462  Update VPROXY version from 2.0.2-11 to 2.0.2-13 version in 283338 29196 nsrmmdbd NSR warning can't fetch save sets 283313 29045 Policy notifications display incorrect backup size for NDMP savesets 283235  gmake purify broken in libcommonssl 283230  SPI: nsrclone dumped the core at the time of starting the PSS WF when another clone operation is in progress 283212  SPI: Backup jobs consistently fail with "Remote system error - Cannot assign requested address" when "concurrent cloning" is selected in clone action within a workflow 283200  nsr/clone/apps/nsrclone.c and nsr/clone/lib/clone_sessions.c Coverity Issues - double unlocks 282959 29214 mminfo -q near query does not filter to nearline volumes 282928  NON RPS: action query with clone action does not perform cloning 282917  'nsrpolicy stop' does not work when non RPS cloning is in progress. 282872 29237 Millions of zero bytes Files in tmp\sec\authdata_gsslgtov1_X0000XX older causing backup server to become unresponsive 282868  nsrclone cores during auto cloning when RPS is disabled (sles11) 282790 29173 NW - Immediate Cloning of group A also reads ssids from other group B intermittently with option "clone on saveset completion" 282758  NetWorker filecopy sending wrong RPC data was leading to DDFS Panic 282688  DEV: vproxy_RPS: overlapping save set query - redundant savesets in same clone pool causing outage of volumes - clone failures 282408  Retention period is not honored for vproxy backups 282378  CB : Not able to set options to CB device for save and recover binaries 282104 28979 Client Storage Node Interface value used by nsrrecopy - leads to failures 281283  [CB ]SPI: nsrd: Invalid mmd reservation request: unable to find reserved mmd session id = 518 280961 28792 NDMP clone from DDVTL to physical tape library failed in when RPS is enabled 280684  Jar file signing errors in dev branch builds 280296  SPI:NDMP:Browse recover GUI doesn't show files and subfolders if Millions of files inside it. 279525 28234 vProxy: Clone action fails with "Err: 5066-source is a directory" 278597  add exclusion to cstyle script to allow to use 'return' without braces around its argument 278342  SPI: nsrclone binary dumped the core when multiple clones were running concurrently 276756  SPI: Clone Details of aborted clone does not have any sessions under Failed section 259962 26325 since upgrade to networker, networker cloning exceeding max defined sessions and causing backups to fail 259537 26197 Cloning stalls and impacts backups, thousands of messages in daemon: ansrd NSR notice Unable to find save-set for host '' and save time '1461739445' 246761  Cloning: DD Device target-max sessions values (1,1) not honored during clone 192129  Need to fix scheduled cloning to not clone recyclable savesets. 284755  AutoSAT: Unable to start gstd in Windows (9.1.1 build 182) 284163  vProxy Recover wizard fails to proceed if 'source vCenter' is not responsive 283830  RPS Enabled: clone session is status is still in running even after clone is completed 283555  Legacy and new reports fail with error FATAL: Invalid value for parameter "TimeZone" : "Antarctica/Troll" 283483 29258 NMC time showing an hour ahead of the actual server time 283470 28988 NMC is showing the incorrect schedule in Policy Action Wizard when more than one override applies to the same day 282975  existing clone action not seen under NMC monitoring but seen clone under actions in the WFs . 282970 29183 Remove backup date highlighting (NMC Recovery Wizard takes a very long time to load) 282845 29016 NW9.1 Action Override Schedule Not Reflected correctly "full last Friday every quarter" 282764 29081 Recover via NMC gives /Full/path/to/filename not in index, deleted 281779 28514 NMC Block Based recover GUI report timed out when browse 9.1TB file system backup 281638 28693 NW NMC report shows a disperancy in file count and total size 279068 28742 Security concern for SSLv3 cipher - NetWorker 9.1 NMC Postgres DB still uses SSLv3 cipher 278364  NMC->Monitoring tab-->Policies-->Start Individual Client: Backup fails if more than 1 vmdk in a VM is selected for backup. 277081  NMC - Client Push File transfer operation has been deprecated, needs to be removed from NMC 276898  PSRC-4262 Multiple Apache vulnerabilities in the NMC distributed version 251482  NSM_RP: NMC recovery user interface unable to list raw device backups copies284485  Update ItemPoint 8.2 from RC3 to RC4 to include the fix for Exchange 2016 CU5 GLR support ( and up CHF) 284219  SSMS GUI exception when command line generated exceed 32699 283486     28946 Premature backup leaves a stale ?ShadowCopySetResDB.res? db , which cause the next backups failure. 280070  preconfig checker is getting hung indefinitely in AWS environment for Exchange 279599  Multiple escalations - The SQL VDI backup failure issue triggered by index hint enabled    
    NetWorker Build 156, released on June 19, 2017   
      282671   nsrpsd -a dumps core if the auth token has expired282523   gmake purify broken in dev282480   Devices get deleted when you try to create a device with name as "../"282416   When updating nsrmmdbd's volume cache, replace existing records282397   Address memory leak in lg_ifaddrs.c:_lg_iflist_add() 282316 28945 NetWorker failure to use Storage Node Aliases in client Storage Node fields leads to needless delay and failure to route 282195 29153 Bootstrap completes successfully incorrectly if /nsr runs out of space during backup 282047 29147 Customer annoyed by the scanner concluding with "free_detached_multibubfs(0x00000001110c6ff0) called" since upgrading to from   Do not use OpenSSL libraries from LIB_COMMONSSL_SHLIBS variable to build some of NSM shared library and binaries282022 29015 When detecting client ID errors in the media database, have nsrclientfix suggest customer's contact support instead of fixing the problem themselves 281917   nsrmmdbd crashes in svc_run_mt() while reading outside the bounds of its transport array 281871   NSM_Backward Compatibility: Rerunning previously run policy the next day removes PITs even when they are not expired.281601   nsrmmdbd crashes in svcmmdb_fetchvol_id6_6() when passed a NULL volid pointer 281501   nsrsnmd dumps core when User tries to create directory before /mnt/magfs/base folder 281327 28923 DD Boost volume sharing fails for cross-platform Storage Nodes 281323   After upgrade CB 2.15 to CB 2.2 - system binaries are referencing the wrong 281145   Build file with openssl static library 280964   Address memory leak in is_mynam.c:client_find_or_add_byname() 280452   Prune nsrmmdbd's clone and volume caches daily to minimize excessive memory growth280426 28863 /nsr/tmp fills up during saveset consolidation with sdXXXXX type files280275 28610 After upgrading to clone jobs are showing no progress in NMC 280114   while rendering clone workflow log getting "unknown unknown LOG unrendered" multiple times280093 28580 "full last friday every year" is shown in January not December 279525 28234 vProxy: Clone action fails with "Err: 5066-source is a directory" pending 278778   vCenter plugin : Edit of Workflow with '+' and '%' characters in group name is not working.277497   PSS: Fix typo bug in mbs.c rpc_write() call arg 279576          Improve NMC UI side logging to include responses and option to redirect STDOUT and STDERR 279930  28595   "The attribute value is not in proper format" Cloud bandwidth clicking the Edit radio button 281274          Java Null pointer exception is thrown when debug level is above 0-9 during creating client281884  28962   Customer not able to brows magnify glass option for client saveset when server network interface filled in282330   VMDK group mapping are lost in group properties once networker is upgraded from Pre 9.2 to 9.2277836          CB Device creation wizard page needs to be updated277242          full log button is disabled for few save-sets in server protection policy though the note asks user to click on the button (Windows)277115          Action status is not refreshed in Action Details Window when it is launched while the action is running277081          Client Push File transfer operation has been deprecated, needs to be removed from NMC276992          Show Messages button in workflow details window should be disabled when no action is there in the workflow 273504          vCenter client is highlighted with red sign as a client with no protection group association 252238          Add action icon under the action tab when in the Protection\policy window282446  28018   "---Failed backups---" section in Policy notification report None even if backup fails.282046  29128   Port request - Need hotfix from ESC 27603 for v9.1.x 281993   SQL VDI Striped backups through SSMS plugin fail with debug level 9 281215   Add Windows trace to exchange powershell281212 28683 Unable to connect to NW server from NMM Recovery GUI ( SharePoint client ) 281188   Incorrect save set size in policy notification report for SQL AAG backups 280063   Existing User gets configured with a blank password while "Skip AD Authentication" checked    
      NetWorker 145, released on May 22, 2017    
      281442  While adding a software to the repository, an error pops up - failed to load resource (.oil file)280665 28801 NW mtree replica mount not working in NW 9 (it works in NW 8)280660  Use OPENSSL_ia32cap=0x200020000000000 and suppress UMR occurs in ssl23_accept and ssl23_connect with Purify280636 28858 mminfo shows incorrect data for "not suspect"280291  Add memory usage and CPU load to nsrwatch hang detection output280006 28867 nsrd hangs for 45 minutes while bootstrap backup is performed279780 28772 nsrmmdbd uses more memory on NW on Solaris279697  Fix purify reported MLK in comssl_ssl_openssl.c file and do not set FIPS mode with purify279115  nsrwatch crashes when display its library Slot Info window when the bytes written to a volume has exceeded the tape's capacity278764  SPI: RPS clone from DD to AFTD hangs due to too many connections in use (connection leak)278672  SPI:AMS throws ddp_filecopy_start() failed Err:5539-nfs filecopy start failed with replication stream limit exceeded.NFS:Out of streams for file size greater than 1TB.278508  Add a new test tool to populate media database with arbitrary numbers of save sets, volumes and client ID maps278170  Online help for the device properties for cloud throttling attribute needs to be changed269803  lgwstat reports only one character (little endian) of the path after in a failure case266984  SPI:AMS volume clone is hanging for large size file because ddp_open_file() failed with Err: 5002-max files exceeded.264611 26633 NetWorker 9: Server Network Interface is not honored in the Client resource280809  NW 9.2 Beta - New client wizard indicates Smart Snap available when it isn't280362  Selecting Smart Snap in the "Specify Backup Configuration Type" Page, locks out other apps.280067  Recover tab "Browse a Vcenter" selection of all the VMs in resource pool automatically select other VMs from other resource pool279338  NPE seen while accessing the failed instant access recover logs from NMC278262  SW Interop: Unable to decode JSON structure error is thrown when accessing details of Workflow277847  Instant Access Recovery: ESX drop-down option is not shown untill you untick and re-tick the cluster277384  Incorrect mouse over message displayed at client level in actions when workflow is deleted.277082  Client Push no longer requires a proxy server, fields describing proxy need to be removed from NMC281144 27799 Policy notifications display incorrect backup size for NMM savesets279310 28626 Hyper-V Incr. backup prompting to full if the saveset is configured on the writer level    
      NetWorker Build 101, released on April 26, 2017    
      279291 Workaround: Linux Upgrade from NetWorker and older removes the /usr/sbin/authc_* files 279115 nsrwatch crashes when display its library Slot Info window when the bytes written to a volume has exceeded the tape's capacity 279103 [ESC 28157]:NW is backing up the same critical volume twice on systems when there is no separate dedicated SRP 278785 BBB: VHDX attributes are not displayed in mminfo output for backups to DD device 278624 nsrd core dumps when starting vproxy backup - Escalation 28607 278408 Escalation 28404 : Performance issue in sending session statistics information during gstd poll. 278245 Escalation 28018:nothing save set listed in "sucessful backups" list in notification report 278200 File system and BBB backup attributes are not coming in mminfo output 278170 Online help for the device properties for cloud throttling attribute needs to be changed 277884 Escalation 28393:NW - Error message: No writable device is configured for clone pool 'xxxxx' is reported when devices are busy 277862 Escalation 28511:NW build 1356 - mminfo does not report list of suspect savesets correctly 277168 Escalation 27981:Nsrd crashing during Exchange incremental backup on NMM 277006 Enhance nsrim to check for ~volumes and report warnings 276573 AutoSAT: 'nsrpolicy stop' during cloning does not stop the workflow 275964 Escalation 26090:clone hang with error message "volume xxx ineligible for this operation" 275749 Escalation 26917: NSM NAS Restore from Isilon Snapshots does not restore ACLs 275582 Escalation 27349:Mminfo showing some amount of data even though there is no data on the Device 274787 Nsrclone consumes very high memory of up to 30 GB to perform schedule clone with pool selection 269803 lgwstat reports only one character (little endian) of the path after in a failure case 268182 Escalation 27116:NMSAP NSM backups failing to import due to incorrect major number used with LVM version 2 (Add support for HPUX LVM2) 261770 display vproxy version number in NMC 236570 Provide api in libcommonssl to generate SHA2 certificate and use SHA2 certificate in NMC 279172 Escalation 28750:VMware view showing an incorrect number of VMs under the "VMs protected" tab 278284 aftd device properties window: max sessions value throwing exceptions when value is greater than max value 277847 NMC with vProxy - Instant Access Recovery: ESX drop-down option is not shown untill you untick and re-tick the cluster 277827 NMC : Image restore across different datacenter fails with error "Virtual machine recovery failed: Save set id or name is required" 277384 Incorrect mouse over message displayed at client level in actions when workflow is deleted. 277242 Get full log button is disabled for few save-sets in server protection policy though the note asks user to click on the button (Windows). 277207 Exceptions observed in java log when filters are used for clients on create group dialog. 277109 Export to PDF for filtered results throws Null Pointer Exception 276459 Display a pop-up message for copying a license file in the licensing server279172 Escalation 28750:VMware view showing an incorrect number of VMs under the "VMs protected" tab 278284 aftd device properties window: max sessions value throwing exceptions when value is greater than max value 277847 NMC with vProxy - Instant Access Recovery: ESX drop-down option is not shown untill you untick and re-tick the cluster 277827 NMC : Image restore across different datacenter fails with error "Virtual machine recovery failed: Save set id or name is required" 277384 Incorrect mouse over message displayed at client level in actions when workflow is deleted. 277242 Get full log button is disabled for few save-sets in server protection policy though the note asks user to click on the button (Windows). 277207 Exceptions observed in java log when filters are used for clients on create group dialog. 277109 Export to PDF for filtered results throws Null Pointer Exception 276459 Display a pop-up message for copying a license file in the licensing server    
      NetWorker Build 89, released on March 27, 2017    
      277376 Add tape deposit/withdraw actions to nsrwatch 277328 nsrdbsave can generate save command line arguments in wrong order 277193 Unable to add licences to clusters: /nsr/lic folder missing 277174 Escalation 28357:nsrmmdbd deadlocks when executing multiple bootstraps (nsrmmdbasm -s /nsr/mm/mmvolrel) at once 277085 nsrmmdbd does not propagate SQLite errors when it fails to fetch all save sets in priv_sqlite_fetchss_id6_6() which could lead to dataloss when recovering space on file devices 277036 Heap Corruption detected while running mminfo 277008 nsrmmdbd crashes when set to Debug=6,7,8,9 276860 Escalation 28101:BBB Disaster Recovery for virtual synthetic full (incremental BBB) is at level incremental instead of level full 276842 Escalation 28217:nsrpost not using "server network interface" field 276795 NW 9.1 - nsrlic in the non-interactive mode does not list the license information 276733 Escalation 28318:nsrwatch is displaying sessions that have completed for a single backup that has spanned multiple volumes 276589 Escalation 28153:mminfo shows the sscomp time is one second before ssinsert and sscreate 276514 Escalation 27292:AD user getting "Unable to allocate memory" when creating client resource from the NMC -large-token 274814 script fails when the NW hostname starts with Numerical value 272595 Escalation 27692:clone job which routinely fails and generates a core dump 277109 Export to PDF for filtered results throws Null Pointer Exception277800 Escalation 28471:Exchange RDB restores randomly failing due to inconsistent AllowFileRestore attribute value 277503 Add ItemPoint Rc3 to Installer for 9.1 and 9.1.1 277371 ESC28215: Add '-a' option to configure NSR_CFI_USE_HINT_VAR for standalone backup. 277020 Escalation 28190:NMM: Recovery of deleted Exchange DB fails. Error "The database is currently not active on this machine. Please make it active to proceed" 276904 Escalation 28368:point in time restore functionality is broken in NMM 9.1 276582 BBB: Hyper-V Restore - Converts Fixed VHDx to Dynamic 275981 PIT recovery for multiple DB throws an exception in SSMS plugin 275416 Escalation 27768:Enhancement to get AAG backup preference information via nsrcdcd.exe on AAG owner node from a node outside AAG nodes.    
      NetWorker 82, released on March 2nd, 2017    
      277077 Escalation 28434:NW Server crashed and rebooted caused NW 9.1 media data base corruption end up deleted ALL save set from DDR 276905 Escalation 28357:nsrmmdbd deadlocks while deleting save set clones from a volume 276735 nsrmmdbd can erroneously delete continuation save sets during extended consistency checking 276541 Disable SQLite result caching when performing media database checks during nsrmmdbd startup 276523 When mminfo fails to connect to a local nsrmmdbd "null" is reported for the server's name 276472 nsrwatch fails to display clone jobs in Group and Policy Info windows 276471 Escalation 27169:DDboost devices are not been automatically mounted when networker services are restarted 276404 REG:AutoSAT: Volume retention ignored by cloning (sets retention of original saveset) Private.276285 Improve daemon log messages when nsrclientfix detects client ID map errors in the media database 276250 Optimize client ID map caching during save set consistency checking to reduce nsrmmdbd startup times 276242 Escalation 28263:Very poor NetWorker performance after upgrading to 276111 "sh: /usr/bin/lsb_release: No such file or directory" showing up in NetWorker output 276074 nsrmmdbd crashes when trying to run nsrclientfix 275953 ESC 28069: nsrvba_save crashes when running backup after installing a VBA side diagnostic fix (EE 27909) 275928 NSM : Every snap or clone copy are having an additional cbk copy entry in mminfo output 275815 Escalation 28151:mmlocate -L returns "No locations found" message 275804 add Purify suppression directives for Linux to NWTOP/configs 275747 nsrwatch crashes when trying to load a tape slot 275707 Escalation 28099:Tape Location not changed to blank value after deposit from library 275581 Client Push inventory fails when clients don't have ksh installed 275571 Correct regression introduced under 266585 which can lead to failed mminfo queries when using "forever" times in queries 275439 Virtual disks merging is failing for fractional sized disks with error "Substream extends beyond end of parent stream" 274895 REGRESSION: NW9.1 doesn't support mtree with Retention Lock enabled preventing volumes to be mounted 274848 nsrmmdbd core dump from s_bkup4 274269 installation wizard shows 8.1.x for nmcbd 273915 Escalation 27815:Running a NAS device Discovery immediately after a backup does create an additional discovered snapshot 273480 Escalation 27691:NSM for NAS: directed recover to mapped network drive is unsuccessful 272151 Escalation 27321:NSM for VNX NAS. Unable to expire managed snapshots 270694 Escalation 27339:NDMP - Policy notification shows the backup size in format [ size 22073035.780 MB ] leading to wrong interpretation 265655 Escalation 26589:networker can not accept host names that have number of characters above 46 264817 Escalation 26950:Clone failing with error: nsrrecopy: server name does not match in rps_info_t 264611 Escalation 26633:NetWorker 9: Server Network Interface is not honored in the Client resource 276487 Escalation 27986:Monitoring showing all entities as Never Run even if they have run. 276362 Escalation 28003:Customer is seeing failed backups, although the backup was successful 276028 Null pointer observed in monitoring tab while performing click operations 275880 Null Pointer while launching with Security Administrators privileges for user 275685 Inplace recovery fails if the source folder has space. 274712 Directed restore fails if there is there is a space in the destination folder name 272077 Escalation 27232:NETWORKER: Clients that fail DNS are not showing up under workflow Monitoring in NMC as failed. 255888 Start individual clients for "Server DB Workflow" ,pops up error275021 esc 27937: NMM 9.0.1 SQL Point-in-time restore restore behaves differently in 9.0.1 than in 8.2.x 274243 NMM SQL Server backup job does not update "data size" attribute in its job record after backup completion 272747 Escalation 26994:Hyper-V backups are failing due to hard coded configuration file directory VHD container size 264062 Admin config tool is not handling the exception when the AD could not be reached 263712 nsrnmm -c -P does not work as per expectations for SQL Virtual Server.    
      NetWorker Build 66, released on January 30th, 2017    
275296 Escalation 28032:NW experiences a delay in executing mminfo commands275254 REST API: POST of policy workflow action is only setting default 'schedule_activities' and 'schedule_period'275250 PSS: No error reported for missing saveset on Linux275009 Escalation 27966:nsrmmdbd deadlocks during frequent volume relabelings274923 Improve message when nsrmmd receives a "MM_CLONEEND" message with active saves274889 Add Job Stats window to nsrwatch274764 vCenter plugin-cluster related workflows of edit policy and restore-as-new are not working274715 Escalation 27915:Japanese character is garbled when nsradmin visual mode from ver. or later274326 Escalation 27805:NSM for NAS device Snapshot clones have retention period set as 1/18/2038274300 save set flags and save times displayed in nsrwatch don't match what's displayed in NMC274261 Cloud boost Device creation will fail if NW embedded package in CB appliance is upgrade to 9.1274256 NSM: XIO File by file PIT restores fails from RUI due to unmount after FBF not releasing the snapshot immediately274214 When selecting clients for a save group run in nsrwatch, present all clients in a dialog as opposed to selecting one client name at a time274142 Swagger definition is missing vCenter refresh endpoints274134 Correct several column alignment issues in nsrwatch273976 Improve error message when nsrjobd routes a message for a job record that has since been removed from its cache273975 Add context to error message when nsrjobd fails to connect to a client for remote execution because nsrexecd is not running on it273904 nsrwatch crashes when selecting Groups > Get Info273726 NetWorker RFE RFE Customer would like to have ability to set NDMP variables on per client NW client basis not as environmental variables273665 Escalation 27699:gstd NSR warning nsm: Initial jobs info RPC failed for server Check if RabbitMQ server is running!273637 Escalation 27534: Exchange incr backups every 8 hours take longer than full273614 nsrmmdbd fails to correct zero retention of a clone with flags SSI_INCOMPLETE, SSI_ELIGIBLE273590 Include client binary and target daemon in nsrauth "session has expired after 120 minutes" messages273544 Add context to RPC errors originating from rap/lib/lgtoauth.c273339 Optimize nsrwatch RAP/jobd queries to reduce server load273143 Add an internal tool to query volumes from the media database and print vol_t structure members Private272521 [NetWorker] Escalation 27212 nsrexecd core dumps usually when running file system backups on and Escalation 27427:nsrmmdbd NSR warning can't fetch save set 1870509488272095 Escalation 27637:NetWorker 9: system library dependencies with linux rpm packages271609 bootstrap backup is failing with error ?nsrmmdbasm failedwith signal 15? on Solaris with customer MMDB271072 Escalation 27306:Bootstrap backup failing for Clustered 2012 R2 Networker server.270605 nsrmmdbasm man page needs to be updated to reflect migration to SQLite changes270525 vProxy archive binding feature for Releng267725 Add EBR Server and vCenter plugin packaging into NetWorker267467 nsrmmd PID:device relationship can only be exposed using dbgcommand266060 Escalation 26914:Report Details for NDMP clients reports 0 for both the "Size(MB)" and the "Number of Files"262827 NetWorker RFE RFE: nsrwatch show OS version and architecture in overview tab    






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