DPA 'Backup VMs Not Backed Up' report Returns No results found


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When running the DPA 'Backup VMs Not Backed Up' report against Avamar the report returned "No results found" despite the fact that Avamar was configured to backing up many of the VMs in the environment. When running the same report against the environment's vCenter a full list of VMs where returned including VMs which had been successfully backed up along with VMs which have not been backed up.    
    The report is functioning as designed.   
    The 'Backup VMs Not Backed Up' report was created as part of the VMWare integration with Networker for DPA 6.2. The 'Successful Backup Job Details for Virtual Hosts' data source (used within the 'Backup VMs Not Backed Up' report) queries using a NetWorker specific field (f_proxy in the view_backupjob table). Avamar collection requests do not populate this field, so this datasource will not return any data if running against Avamar hosts.