MSG-PMON-00012: Cannot restart /ddr/bin/sm_em. Setting state to FAILED


   Article Number:     500016                                   Article Version: 7     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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    System Manager GUI access issue or the following alert appears:   
    ddr_procmon: ALERT: MSG-PMON-00012: Cannot restart /ddr/bin/sm_em. Setting state to FAILED.   
    The alert can be seen on the console itself and in   
    There will be no alerts seen in #alerts show current   
    Note: This alert has also been seen with DDVE   
    The procmon alert is commonly seen;   

  •         After DDOS upgrade from 5.6/5.7 to 6.0 or 6.1.0.x     
  •         After a system reboot     
  •         After restarting the http web services i.e  adminaccess enable http     
  •         After running other adminaccess commands     







      Procmon's job is to restart a process, if it has failed/exited. And if a process repeatedly keeps failing, procmon throws an alert about it.   


      Earlier Releases:     
      Procmon has been configured to monitor sm_em process. As soon as sm_em dies, procmon restarts it.     
      sm_em internally starts Apache inline, sm_em keeps waiting at this line, until Apache is running. If Apache quits for any reason, sm_em will move forward and exit. Procmon is monitoring sm_em, it restarts sm_em, and as a result Apache is started again by sm_em.   


      What changed in last release:     
      sm_em is starting Apache in background, Therefore, it doesn't stop execution of sm_em. sm_em moves ahead and quits.     
      Procmon is still monitoring sm_em. It restarts sm_em, and throws alert when sm_em keeps on quitting every time.   







    Restarting the system's web service, by disabling then re-enabling them using the below commands on DD CLI/Putty can bring up the GUI if it's inaccessible but will not suppress the alerts:   
    ddr## adminaccess disable http   
    ddr## adminaccess disable https   
    ddr## adminaccess enable http   
    ddr## adminaccess enable https   
    Proceed with the upgrade.   
    Upgrade DDOS to or above