Celerra: File Server failed to create Snapshot (User Correctable)

Article Number: 497800                              Article Version:                               Article Type: Break Fix


VNX VG10,VNX VG2,VNX VG50,VNX VG8,VNX-F Series,VNX2 Series,VNX5300,VNX5500,VNX5700,VNX7500,Celerra


File Server fails to create snapshot though it is enabled on NDMP software:

As seen on the file server (Data mover) log:

NDMP: 4: Session 142 (thread ndmp142) NdmpdData::startBackup, SnapSure creation for backup failed



Snapsure not enabled on file server.

As seen on the parameters of the file server(Data mover):

param config cs_external_ip=<>
param cifs djAddAdminToLg=1
param quota policy=filesize
param ip reflect=0
param nfsv4 domain=<>
param cifs srvpwd.updtMinutes=720

(Snapsure is missing)



Backup from Snapshot was enabled on the NDMP software but not on the File server (Data Mover).



Enable Snapsure on the Data mover using the server_param command (This will not require a reboot).

server_param server_2 -facility NDMP -modify snapsure -value 1