Connectrix Brocade-series || unable to generate reports after changing DB password

Article Number: 510305                             Article Version: 3                            Article Type: Break Fix


Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition



When attempt to get a fabric report using command "report" as below:

#report-cli --fmt csv --report-type 102 --username "XXX" --et "XX:XX:XX XX:XX" --n "All" --ps "All Ports" --o "c:\temp" --t "60 Minutes" --fab "All" on windows server.


One of the following errors occurred:

Database Connection Failed.

The report is generated but the file is empty.


Start and stop CMCNE database services didn't solve the issue.




When CMCNE version 14.2.0 is used, the CLI report works with the default DB password, but will not work if the default password is changed.



Default database password has been changed.



Upgrade to CMCNE version 14.3.0