DPA 6.4

Use this index to view the Data Protection Advisor (DPA) 6.4 product documentation. These links go directly to articles posted on the EMC Community Network (ECN) or www.emc.com. You can also retrieve specific articles through an ECN search or a general web search.


Installing,  Upgrading, and Migrating from a Previous Release; Administration and Configuration

EMC Data Protection Advisor 6.4 Installation and Administration Guide

This guide describes how to install DPA and how to set up DPA to monitor a data protection environment. This guide also describes administrative functions such as creating users and roles, updating system settings, creating policies, and troubleshooting data collection.

EMC Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP2 Migrator Technical Notes

Note that migration from 5.8 to 6.2 SP3 is not supported. You migrate to 6.2 SP2 and then upgrade to 6.2 SP3. Use the DPA 6.2 SP2 Migrator Tool technical note, which describes how to migrate from DPA 5.x to 6.2 SP2 and provides supplementary information on the EMC Data Protection Advisor Migrator Tool. It includes descriptions of new features, updated configuration, fixed problems, and known issues.


Reports and Dashboards

EMC Data Protection Advisor 6.4 Product Guide

This guide provides information on how to use the DPA web console to run and create reports, view alerts, and view the status of replication operations.


EMC Data Protection Advisor 6.4 Custom Reporting Guide

This document provides custom reporting fundamentals and use case examples for building custom reports in DPA.


EMC Data Protection Advisor 6.4 Report Reference Guide

This document provides DPA reports by object, by system template, and by Run Reports area menu items.

Integration with EMC and Third-Party Products

EMC Data Protection Advisor Software Compatibility  Guide

This compatibility guide provides information on servers, databases, operating systems, and all components of a data protection  environment supported by DPA.