The ECS Designer (PEQ) - Elastic Cloud Storage Designer (PEQ)

Global Services - Elastic Cloud Storage PEQ and Designing Tool for Deployments


This page holds a reusable document/template associated with delivering an ECS project and complements the tools available through ECS


Applies To:
Global Services technical resources (Presales Engineers(SE),  Project Managers(PM), Solution Architects(SA), Implementation Specialist(IS) and  Consultants, etc.).



ECS Designer and the ECS Sales Order Decoder

The ECS Designer (PEQ)  is an Excel based application specifically designed for EMC Global Services for the purpose of streamlining the design and implementation of ECS projects. The ECS Designer (PEQ) was created to facilitate the collection of Initial  Pre-Sales Information, Project Management Information, Initial Design Configuration Collect, Basic Design Collection and Advanced Design Collect. The ECS Designer(PEQ) has navigational control that will walk through the ECS Design process.  The ECS Designer is utilized for the ProDeploy/ProDeploy Plus/QA Process and the ECS Script Process.

ECS Required Processes

ECS QA:  All ECS Designs must be submitted to the QA process before requesting an the ECS Installation Script.  Please complete all three sections/phases of

the ECS Designer(PEQ).  Initial Configuration Collection, Basic Design, and Advanced Design.

ECS Software Installation Script:  .The Installation Script provides a consistent, repeatable process and is Required for All ECS Implementations.

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SE worksheets



PM Worksheets


SA Worksheets.  Design VDC(s), Site(s) and Racks


SA Design Worksheets.  Design Replication Groups, NameSpace(s) and Buckets(s).


ECS Sales Order Decoder

The ECS Sales Order Decoder will parse out customer information, the PSNT and the number of ECS Nodes.  Their is an instruction tab that explains where to get a copy of the sales order and how to load the Sales Order into the Decoder


Please open a case with the Services Partner Helpdesk for any questions or issues with the tool.

Download: From the partner portal here.

Revision History

ReleaseRelease DateComments
Sales Order Decoder 2.4July 12, 2018Drive Expansions was not displaying correctly.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.6July 12, 2018New format to the Site and Rack worksheets with EASY buttons for copy and paste.  A button to check the validation file that is utilized to create the implementation script.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.5May 25, 2018Data2 displaying when selection was "No", fixed,  ISV qualified version remove.
ECS Designer (PEQ)3.2.4May 18,2018Added questions to align with the QA review.  On th eRacks tabs you can now display all traffic.  Update on the selection of Data2
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.3April 9, 2018Move LB info.  Code fixes
Sales Order Decoder 2.3March 30,2018Drive Count and Drive Expansion added.
Sales Order Decoder 2.2March 26,2018Added Number of Drives and Drive Upgrades
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.2March 21,2018Rack Number added to NVT Flatfile.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.1March 20, 2018Because of Email Security the Version naming had to be changes to 3.2.1,  not 3.2.01.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.01March 20, 2018Pulldowns were not working,  issue fixed
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.2.00March 15, 2018SWID added for version 3.2.
Sales order Decoder 2.01Mar 11, 2018New Format, more information.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.1.18Mar 9, 2018DNS not displaying correctly
Sales Order Decoder V13Mar 8, 2018Added D Series Appliances
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.1.17Mar 01, 2018Enter the first Node IP and active button to have other IPs generated
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.1.16Feb 26, 2018Navigate form Sites to Racks Fixed.  Change the way the nodes are selected for a Storage Pool.  Now you select the appliance, first node and last node.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.1.15Feb 22,2018S2 references removed.  Model 9800 and 9500 added
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.1.14Feb 21, 2018Added Email Buttons. Added instructions for completing worksheets.
ECS Designer (PEQ) 3.1.13Feb 19, 2018Number of Nodes not displaying correctly.
ECS Designer(PEQ) 3.1.12Feb 19,2018Version 11 had a VB issues not allowing the Excel to work correctly with some version of excel, Fixed.
ECS Designer(PEQ) 3.1.11Feb 16,2018The Designer now has SE and PM worksheets.  Navigation has been added. Worksheet for CloudArray