Dell EMC Unity: Performance archive files contain no performance data and/or GUI charts show the error "No data is available" (Dell EMC Correctable)


   Article Number:     496872                                   Article Version: 12     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Unity Family





Failure in UPA (Unity Performance Archive) log generation, not able to analyze Unity performance from UPA logs. The performance archive files do not contain any performance data after array upgrade.   
    Unisphere GUI Performance charts shows "There is no data available" in historical charts in the performance dashboards.   
    Only CPU utilization chart shows the historical data, all other charts show "There is no data available" .






There are two issues that have the same symptom - the Performance charts in Unisphere GUI do not show Historical data or the UPA files contain no data. In both cases the process that collects the performance data has stopped. This can occur after a code upgrade or at other times.   
    As Unity performance archive files don’t contain any performance data after array upgrade, UPA logs will not be generated successfully.  During array upgrade, there is a short period of time that one SP of the storage system is running on the new version while the peer SP is running on the old version. Because of the differences in performance stats between new version SP and old version SP, if the performance archive collector process is running on the new version SP and detects the difference, the generated performance archive file will have no performance data even after the peer SP upgrades to new version.






For the issue stemming specifically from post-upgrades, the official fix will be available in EMC SW OE version 4.2.0.x    
    For the issue not stemming from post-upgrades, the official fix is available in EMC SW OE   
    Regardless of cause, in either situation, the same command can be used as a workaround and the latest code should be applied for the fix.   






Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support or your Authorized Service Representative, and quote this Knowledgebase article ID.   






While this issue can happen after an upgrade, this symptom (where the performance charts aren't working correctly), can occur whether there was an upgrade in the mix or not.   
    NOTE: When you restart the obs_collector service, the charts that had "no data available" should start showing data. However, the time frame prior to restarting OBS collector for these specific charts will still not show any data, as the data was not being collected during the time that this bug was in effect.   
    Also, for a similar symptom, please see 497951 "Unity:Unisphere Metrics Performance charts have stopped updating (User Correctable)"   
    For a similar, but different issue, please see KB 498118 "Dell EMC Unity: Performance Metrics are not displayed in GUI or captured in Archives (DELL EMC Correctable)" - this issue involves a separate process that can be caused when disabling or rebooting a NAS server. This issue was fixed in OE code