Data Protection Advisor: Estimated Protected Backup Capacity Details report not reporting VMs after upgrading to DPA 6.3


   Article Number:     503267                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 6.3





Estimated Protected Backup Capacity Details report is not reporting VMs after upgrading to DPA 6.3                                                           






In DPA 6.3, there was a change in how we get the Protected Capacity (Virtual Host) in the Estimated Protected Backup Capacity Details report.   
    Per the Report Reference Guide.   
    Protected Capacity (Virtual Host) - If the Client is a virtual host being backed up by Networker or Avamar from vCenter it is the total storage space in MB committed to the virtual host across all datastores   
    The report takes information from the vm_hosts_status view in the database and this table is only populated when monitoring vCenter.  Therefore, it's now required to add vCenter and monitor the vms in order to populate this report with VMs.   






If the backup application is backing up VMs in the environment, then please discover vCenter and monitor the VMs in DPA in order to display them in this report.     
    Note:  A license will be needed if the option to add vCenter is greyed out in DPA.   






Note:  This wasn’t required for the same report in v6.2.x and previous versions.