Data Domain: Scheduled cleaning fails to start resulting in ALERT - EVT-GC-00002: Unable to start scheduled file system cleaning


   Article Number:     502026                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Domain





Cleaning may fail to start at scheduled time and result in an alert.    
    Id       Post Time                  Severity   Class        Object   Message   
    ------   ------------------------   --------   ----------   ------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
    m0-102   Sun Jun 25 06:33:31 2017   WARNING    Filesystem            EVT-GC-00002: Unable to start scheduled file system cleaning on Sun Jun 25 06:00:00 2017.   
    Often cleaning will run at a later time, sometimes hours or days later and alert will be cleared.






There can be different reasons for this issue.  Most issues are due to timezone change, which requires DD reboot - see KB article 446430 for additional info.  Refer to KB article # 498749 for additional issues that can cause this alert in DDOS 6.0 and above.   
    Issue explained in this KB article is specific to having registry key mismatch between collection.1.expunge.schedule and collection.1.crontab.expunge.   
    Below two registry keys indicate cleaning is scheduled to run on Sun at 6am.   
    DD# reg show collection.1.expunge.schedule     
      collection.1.expunge.schedule.days = Sun     
      collection.1.expunge.schedule.time = 0600
    Same would be returned via "filesys clean show config" command.   
    Filesystem Cleaning Configuration     
          50 Percent Throttle     
      Filesystem cleaning is scheduled to run "Sun" at "0600".
    But registry key (collection.1.crontab.expunge) which is used by crontab process to start scheduled cleaning job is incorrect.     
    DD# reg show collection.1.crontab.expunge     
      collection.1.crontab.expunge = 00 6 * * 2 root /ddr/bin/ddsh -s filesys clean start nowait scheduled  
    Above registry key indicates 6am (00 6) and Tuesday (* * 2), instead of Sunday 6am.   






Fix is to set cleaning schedule via "filesys clean set scheduled" or same can be done via GUI.   
    Using example in KB, cleaning should be set to what is returned by "filesys clean show config", which is Sunday 6am.   
    # filesys clean set schedule Sun 0600     
      Filesystem cleaning is scheduled to run "Sun" at "0600".
    Confirm that collection.1.crontab.expunge is set correctly   
    DD# reg show collection.1.crontab.expunge     
      collection.1.crontab.expunge = 0 6 * * 0  root /ddr/bin/ddsh -s filesys clean start nowait scheduled