Get Modern with Enterprise-level Data Protection for Small, Mid-Sized and Remote IT Environments

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Modern Data Protection Challenges

Organizations today face many challenges and conflicting priorities including data growth, growing number of applications, stringent regulatory and compliance environment, and shrinking budgets.

For organizations of all sizes it is paramount for business success that their data is protected and that they can easily leverage cloud for flexibility, agility and economics.


Data Protection for Small and Midsized Organizations and Remote Offices

Dell EMC is #1 in data protection.1 Dell EMC Data Domain helps organizations protect and reliably recover data while helping lower TCO. With the launch of the new entry-level Data Domain DD3300, Dell EMC redefines data protection for small, midsized and remote IT environments.

This new 2U purpose-build appliance provides enterprise-grade and cloud-ready protection at entry-level price, helping protect data wherever it lives and no matter what happens. In a world of ever more complex data, applications, and user needs, the new compact Data Domain helps make data protection quick, easy and cost-effective.


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Achieve enterprise level data protection without an enterprise size data center

Data Domain DD3300 is purpose built for modernizing data protection of small to mid-size organizations and enterprise remote/branch office environments. DD3300 is simple and comprehensive, cloud-ready, and offers multi-site scalability.

DD3300 offers Dell EMC’s comprehensive data protection capabilities, including inline encryption and DD Boost for faster backups and lower network usage.  D3300 also provides coverage for a wide application ecosystem, from enterprise to homegrown applications. A 2U appliance that enables you to start small and expand capacity as your needs increase, and with an average data reduction rate in the range of 10-55x, the DD3300 can provide an impressive ROI along with cost savings, bringing greater scalability and significant reduction in WAN bandwidth use for backups and recovery.2

Modernize your data protection with simple extension to the cloud

To enable smaller IT environments to simply extend to the cloud for long-term retention, DD3300 supports Data Domain Cloud Tier.  With DD3300, organizations can natively-tier reduplicated data to the cloud for long-term retention without the need for a separate cloud gateway or a virtual appliance. This new compact Data Domain delivers cost-effective long-term retention on a wide cloud ecosystem including Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) and major public clouds.

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DD3300 also supports Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery service. In conjunction with Dell EMC Data Protection Software, the Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery enables virtual machine images protected on Data Domain DD3300 to be copied to object storage within AWS for a modern, cost efficient disaster recovery solution that takes advantage of the cloud.

Help Protect data wherever it resides with multi-site scalability

With elegant, multi-site scalability with the included capabilities of Data Domain Replicator, DD3300 provides fast, network-efficient and encrypted replication from remote offices to the central data center. It only transfers deduplicated data across the network, eliminating up to 98% of the bandwidth required.2 With its compact design, DD3300 is ideal for multi-site scenarios with remote and/or branch IT environments that house data separate from the central IT environment.

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Increase Your Margin and Deal Size with Data Domain Attach


• Whenever selling a server or storage array, don’t forget to position Dell EMC Data Domain to help your customers modernize data protection, help improve ROI and lower TCO.

• New entry-level DD3300 provides great opportunities to refresh DD2200 install base, offering customers faster, more scalable and cloud – ready solution.

Leverage ready to use Data Domain DD3300 Tech Refresh Sales Play available on Partner Portal, including Call Script, E-mail, Quick Selling Guide, Customer Presentation.

• Industry-leading Data Domain is a “door opener” for selling Dell EMC data protection portfolio.


1 Based on aggregate data protection and recovery software and purpose-built back-up appliance revenue as of December 2017.

2 Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of >15,000 Data Domain systems deployed worldwide, November 2017

3 Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, July 2017

*IDC Worldwide Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Market Share, Q2 2017,