Dell EMC Server Drive Days Help Your Sales and Technical Teams More Easily Build Pipeline and Drive Demand

Sales teams sell what they know. Ensure your sales and technical teams know Dell EMC. The Dell EMC Server Drive Day event in a box gives you everything you need to arm your sales teams with the knowledge they need to close more deals with Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers. 

We’ve combined dedicated Dell EMC event branding, sales training and marketing materials, along with detailed sales tools and interactive content for your teams to engage with on the day—providing you with everything you need to build awareness and pipeline for the Dell EMC Server portfolio.


Our downloadable Server Drive Day toolkit includes:

  • Demand generation resources that can be fully tailored for your company
  • Pop-up classroom assets for your sales and technical teams to undertake online Dell EMC Server certification
  • Servercraft game which gamifies Dell EMC’s educational messages, and provides a playful way to tell the story of digital transformation
  • Immersive event branding and assets featuring our robot family
  • Ideas for giveaways and incentives to drive sales team engagement


Plan your Server Drive Day today! Get started now—simply download our Server Drive Day Toolkit Overview and give your selling teams the knowledge they need to close more deal.