IT Transformation is happening ... Dell EMC has the tools to help you start the conversation

Business leaders are realizing that digital transformation simply doesn’t happen without first transforming their IT. In 2018 Dell EMC is telling this story though a compelling campaign that you can use to start and drive more successful sales conversations around key IT transformation solutions.


Top 4 partner benefits of the Dell EMC IT Transformation campaign

Here’s what you can expect from participating in the IT Transformation campaign:

  1. See higher margin opportunities by delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions.
  2. Boost profitability by attaching professional services.
  3. Transform your sales conversations. Use the resources of this campaign to narrate a digital—and IT—transformation solution that resonates.
  4. Differentiate yourself as a long-term, strategic partner and source of next-gen solutions from a leader.


Why IT transformation is critical

Business leaders recognize that in order to out think, out-innovate and outpace the competition, IT must be agile, efficient and scalable. Of course, they may also recognize that legacy technology and processes aren’t going away overnight.

Enter IT Transformation solutions from Dell EMC. Converged and hyper-converged systems, all-flash storage, next-generation servers, and data protection together build the bridge between an enterprise’s digital transformation ambitions and its IT infrastructure. Organizations must optimize IT by modernizing, automating and transforming the technologies, people and processes they have in place today.


How Dell EMC is helping you drive more productive conversations around IT transformation

The Dell EMC IT Transformation campaign tells this story, connecting the dots between the digital transformation imperative, the IT infrastructure solutions that drive it and Dell EMC’s leadership in all those solution categories. In summary, this campaign demonstrates the business value and tangible outcomes your customers can experience through the transformation of their IT.


The IT Transformation campaign also equips you with a broad set of engagement campaign assets, data-driven industry research, assessment tools and other resources to start, and win, sales conversations around key Dell EMC solutions. In addition, this campaign provides the segue content between thought leadership engagement content and Dell EMC solution demand generation campaign content which will help you to demonstrate to your customers how infrastructure solutions make IT Transformation real.

Getting Started Is Easy

Visit the IT Transformation campaign portal page, and explore all the great content and sales and enablement resources available to you.


Embracing the IT Transformation story in 2018 can help you start compelling conversations with your customers, drive pipeline for strategic solutions and position yourself as a more strategic partner.