Master Enterprise Architect - Frequently Asked Questions

For a high level overview of the Master Enterprise Architect certification program, please visit our web page. We hope to answer any further questions you may have in the FAQ below, however, if you have additional questions please leave a comment on this document and we will get back to you.


How do I submit my application for the Master Enterprise Architect certification?

To start your application you will need to register for the "Dell EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architect - Application Submission - On-demand Course" (MR-1WP-MASTEREAAS) on the Dell EMC Education web page.


What pre-requisite certifications are accepted to qualify for the Master Enterprise Architect certification?

You can find the required pre-requisite credentials on the Eligibility Checklist. This is the initial list for the launch and others may be added over time if appropriate.


The Application Submission states "At least one of the project designs must include Dell Technologies products/solutions...". Can any Dell Technologies product or solution be used, or is there a specific list?

There is no specific list, any Dell Technologies products or solutions are acceptable but keep in mind that projects submitted should reflect current or very recent technology.

What is the total cost to earn the Master Enterprise Architect certification?

The initial submission is $1,000 and the cost for the board review is $4,000. Pricing may vary for Dell Technologies employees. Please note: the costs above are only for the submission and review. The cost of any pre-requisite certifications, travel and expenses to the board review, and cost for conferences where a board review is held are not included and will be the responsibility of the candidate.

If you have further questions, would like to make a recommendation for a pre-requisite certification or do not have a CertTracker Account, please submit a ticket with our Help Desk and choose "Dell EMC Proven Professional Support".