Uploading a 3rd Party Credential in CertTracker

To earn certain credentials within the Dell EMC Proven Professional program (including Co-Skilled Digital Badges), you may need to show validation that you have earned a 3rd Party credential. This process outlines the steps you need to take to upload your 3rd party credential within your CertTracker account.

  1. Login to your CertTracker account:1login screen.png
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the “Exam” tab and then “Create other requirement”. On this screen you will choose which company your credential is associated with:



Once you open up the company drop down menu you will be able to choose the specific credential you wish to have validated. In this example we are choosing the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr):


   3. IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the instructions on each credential carefully as the requirements for upload may vary.


Once you read the instructions carefully and are prepared to upload your verification, click on the “Accept Selection” button.

   4. Per the instructions, you will either share your Digital Badge Verification link or upload a copy of your eCertificate. *Please note:       both fields are required. If you upload an eCertificate, you will also be asked to enter text in the Digital Badge Verification link section,   you can simply enter “N/A” into this field. Once you are done you will need to check the “I agree with the above rules” check box and   then click the “Create” button.


   5. Your 3rd party credential will be verified by our team. This can take between 3-5 business days.

  6. Once it has been created/verified you see the credential in your “Exam” tab under “Other Requirements”. The status of your           Certification is noted under the “Review” column.

          Pending = currently being verified by our team

          Complete (with no *) = has been reviewed by our team. Certification is valid and will be counted towards earning the Dell EMC              Proven Professional Credential.

          Complete (with *) = has been reviewed by our team. Certification is not valid and will not be counted towards earning the Dell                EMC Proven Professional Credential.


If you have any questions please log a ticket with our Help Desk and choose "Dell EMC Proven Professional Support".