Smarts: How does automatic topology sync work


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How does the automatic topology sync work?   

  •         Smarts SAM automatic topology synchronization with an underlying Smarts domain is enabled by default. This means that the Smarts SAM Server will import the topology whenever Smarts IP AM or any domain it subscribed to saves its topology.     
  •         The Smarts domain topology save operation will usually occur after any topology change, including a new discovery, Pending List discovery, deleting devices and etc. at underlying domain. So, if the underlying Smarts IP AM domain is scheduled to discover the Pending List multiple times a day, the synchronization with the Smarts SAM domain will be carried out at the same frequency (synchronized).     
  •         In short, whenever there is a change in topology at the underlying domain the Global SAM will have the topology synchronized automatically. Disabling this option in Global SAM means that you will schedule synchronization based on when and how you want to synchronize with underlying domain.     
  •         Since SAM will have multiple domains added, all the topology objects topo synced will have performance impact and also every toposync is a full toposync and not an incremental toposync.     
  •         This concept of synchronizing after topology change also applies for other domains such as MCAST, NPM and MPLS domains that subscribes to IPAM     
    How can I verify if automatic topology sync is happening?   
    You can see when and which topology is synced and whether it’s completed in the SAM logs.   
    You will see the following entries:   
     ASL_MSG-*-ASLP-ics/ics-topology-sync.asl: ics-topology-sync.asl: Using FastDXA TopologySync from Remote Domain: Kev-APM-941   
    FDXAM-*-DXA_M8-TopologySync Post Processing Started for Kev-APM-941(0 0).   
    FDXAM-*-DXA_M4-TopologySync Post Processing Completed for Source 'Kev-APM-941' (Elapsed: 8 seconds):