ViPR SRM 4.1: An unexpected error has occurred: 'Unable to upload license. License is invalid or expired


   Article Number:     516400                                   Article Version: 5     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR SRM 4.1





ELMS or temporary license import was attempted in a ViPR SRM 4.1.x installation which caused an error message:   
    Installing APG license key (3247526_06-Dec-2017.lic)... SEVERE – [2017-12-23 16:15:57 EST] – BinaryDecoder$AbstractBagDecorator::getHashCodeBuilder(): ELMS license swid refers to a product that is already in use by other license(s). If the current license is correct, please remove the installed license(s) that conflict, otherwise contact SRM support about the current conflicting license(s). candidate swid: ELMSRMxxxxxxxxx1, candidate product: ViPR SRM, conflicting swid(s): [Xxxxxxxxxxxx1], installed license(s) swid-to-product-mapping:   
    {Xxxxxxxxxxxxx2=[ViPR SRM]}   
    **** Unable to modify Java system preferences.   
    **** You may need to be root in order to perform this operation.   






An incremental or other type of license was generated with a different Software ID (SWID) assigned to the new, secondary license. When attempting to install the new license an error is received, both via command line or UI license installation, and the license installation fails.   






Licensing will need to confirm from the customer which SWID they want to keep (probably the original SWID that was issued for the ViPR SRM deployment) and then re-host any others over to the same machine/SWID.                                                           






ViPR SRM has begun enforcing the use of a single SWID and will only allow one licensed SWID to be installed. When subsequent SRM upgrades are purchased they MUST activate these entitlements onto the original machine name that is listed with the Licensing Team in SLC - this holds the original license file. A new license should never be created with new entitlements as this will cause a conflict with the SWID of the new license with the original license SWID.   
    To resolve this issue please contact the Dell EMC Licensing Team by opening a Service Request and refer them to this knowledgebase article.






Dell EMC engineering is aware of this issue and has noted that this relates directly to multiple SWIDs being installed on the same host which is not supported and shouldn’t be attempted. This can be resolved by License support who will manually have to re-host the new and/or incremental licenses for the customer who may need to provide the original license file or confirm the SWID from that license file.