ViPR Controller fails with Failed to create zones for export group because of: Cannot place matching SAN storage-port <storageport> initiator <Initiator> for volume [URN of volume];


   Article Number:     500734                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,ViPR Controller Controller 3.6,ViPR Controller Controller 3.5,ViPR Controller Controller 3.0,Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition





The user is unable to create a volume with the below error.   
    ViPR Controller GUI shows the following error:   

      Failed to create zones for export group because of: Cannot place matching SAN storage-port <StoragePort> initiator <Initiator> for volume [Volume URN];   






There are multiple causes for this issue when using Brocade Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition (CMCNE) as the Fabric Manager.  In general, this error indicates that from ViPR Controller's perspective, the Initiators and Storage Ports are not on the same network. This issue is typically due to a discrepancy between ViPR Controller's database and the CMCNE database.   







      In some cases a rerun of the order will resole the issue.  This is because during the initial order ViPR C did a discovery that triggered a database update.  Prior to collecting the below information, run the order again to be sure this is not the case.     
      A solution exists for this issue, but intervention from EMC technical support personnel is required. Support personnel must access your storage system to fix this issue. Contact the EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative for technical assistance and quote this article ID.       
        Include the
ViPR Controller order history text as well as logs covering the time frame when you contact EMC for technical assistance.     


      Collect the following:   


              Enable debug on controller service:       


      Get ready to authenticate:   


      cd /opt/storageos/cli/     
      vi viprcli.profile     
      <edit VIPR_HOSTNAME with ViPR Virtual IP>   




      cd /opt/storageos/cli/bin     
      ./viprcli authenticate -u root -d /tmp/    (you are prompted for pw)   


      Set controllersvc to debug for 60 minutes   


      ./viprcli system set-log-level -sv 8 -lg controllersvc -ext 60   


              Run Fabric Manager discovery from the ViPR GUI:       


      Physical > Fabric Managers >       
      Select the check box for the Fabric Manager in question     
      Click Rediscovery     
      Note and provide the time   


              Reproduce the error and provide the order number       


              Provide debug logs (that cover the discovery and error reproduction) and slither output       


      Debug logs: The debug logs must have been enabled prior to reproduction in order to collect debug logs.   


      In the ViPR gui, under System->Logs, click Download     
      Verify “All Nodes”     
      Click on “All” for Services     
      Log Level “Debug”     
      Select a start time of before the issue occurred.  If the issue occurred too far back, you can recreate the issue.     
      Select an end time that include the errors     
      Leave “Message” blank     
      Select “All Orders”     
      Provide the .zip file by attaching it to the SR   





              Provide the  "nodefind" output from the switch for the initiator and storage port listed in the error.  Consult your network admin for assistance if required.       


      For additional information, reference the ViPR Product Documentation Index.